Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 2 -3/25/13

So here's a little taste of my daily routine: 
Tuesday cleaned the apartment, then had language study, personal study and companionship study. Then off to the streets to visit members and investigators. We pretty much have study time every day and then spend most of our time finding the members and new people to teach.

It is summer time here.  The kids are getting out of school and it is hot and rainy! All the time. I will stay in the Sipicot area for 18 weeks since I am a newby and being trained.  I have the chance for my first transfer right before the mission splits in half.  So depending on where I am assigned will depend on what Mission I end up in for the rest of my time here.  The language is coming, thankfully most everyone speaks a little english so it seems to be working out.

Okay so this week was packed full of activity:  We got to attend a viewing and the funeral for Tatay Clave that was pretty neat.  Made me think of my farewell when we sang " God be with you til we meet again." Which reminds me when I die someone better crack jokes and make it not a sad and depressing day!  We went to teach our investigator Rexy that we committed to a baptismal date in May, last week but she was spending the day in Naga City.  We also taught the Calayo Family who has been less active, hopeful for them!  We taught about temples and family history to a new member Sister Angelica, she is awesome and had a cousin who was there and is now interested in hearing more about the church, so another new investigator. We got to teach the Ocampo Kids, they love when we come over but the "Lola" grandma dosen't she is catholic so we have to be careful not to offend her.  Here in the Philippines its all about respecting your elders.  So everytime you meet or talk to a stranger or elder you use "Po" which makes it respectful so when in doubt, "Po".  We brought President Abads son Lemuel with us to teach, he is preparing to go on a mission I forgot to tell you that my companion  Elder Parohinog is a musician and can pick up any instrument and play! One of the members had a ukelue and he asked us to tune it so we played that for a while good times. We also had a district meeting got to hang out with the gang. Pretty fun brought money for Elder Ha'o he's Hawaiian and said well make us something for next week gonna be good! But the funny thing is we were late for the district meeting because we missed the bus, we didn't really miss the bus we told them to wait for us while we went to buy some bread but they took off and it took like 45 mins. for the next one and its like 1:30 hr. bus ride but it wasn't that big of a deal. So  we get back and what do you know, a freaking rat in our kitchen ,killed that one. we got burgers at the local Pinoy junior (local burger place), super nasty, the meat is red after you cook it... yeah, cuz we were starving.Then Finely made some potatoes and some meat that was really good so now I'm "BUSOG" FULL then we went to teach Rexy with one of our members from church we found out he  got his Mission call to Mindanao, Americans cant go there because its a bunch of Islamic terrorists,  so we are just preparing these young me for their  missions by  helping them experience missionary life. She surprised us with dinner crab, chicken and rice...... then after we had a party for the Bienabente family for there daughter graduating high school. we bought them ice cream and ate  food with them holy cow.... SUPER BUSOG! The next day was another exhausting day. got weekly planning in which takes forever and is super stressfull... then got some Chooks they sell chicken. then Pascual aka our cook made us some chicken with you know what Rice.... with some delicious mango shakes mmmm "masarap" delicious. We went to church and talked to the ward council which was great got to get acquainted with more people.then found out i had to give a talk on sunday about missionary work,great.......more stress SO fast tract to Sunday I barely prepared for the talk the night before so I'm trying to do that last minute thing. Got to church met everyone that was "estig" cool, gave like a 20 min. talk in taglish thank goodness they spoke some English so that was good. really brought the spirit in with that i think. Then we were asked to go to Brcy a town about 45 min. away by jeepney. Was asked to bless the sacrament in Tagalog and asked to give another talk but it was basically to primary aged children.... and gave a blessing to a little boy who was sick got done with that tried to grab a ride back to Sipocot but no ride so we just started walking no jeepneys or tricey's around so kept walking and walking up jungle, rain, hills, rivers and rice paddy's. All the way back to Sipocot. 16 kilometers (basically 10 miles)   and a hour and a half later, holy crap my back is sore form my backpack hahaha. Had many more appointments felt the spirit really strong in some of them.  The people here are ready for the gospel, so happy I'm part of it.

So two funny things about this week, first off I got locked out of my room and was forced to wear my companions small t-shirt, don't worry though it totally showed off my ripped bod!! HA HA. Then I was taking my bucket shower and it finally happen I was attacked by a flippin huge spider the size of my hand in the shower. I went to pick up the bucket and it was on it and I didn't see it and it jumped on my hand holy crap! Needless to say I ran out NAKED of course and Elder Parohinog had to kill it. Yeah you can stop laughing now... 

Shout out to Adriana Blagovjevic Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

TO Rebecca Sheldon heard "both of us" by B.O.B and T-swift and started laughing

TO Katie Elm my companion thinks your pretty.hahaha

TO Joe Trumbo Congrates on your mission call you'll love it work hard to prepare and don't do anything dumb.hahaha

TO Garrett Wolfe i found little pun jobby for you hahahaha

TO THE BOYS you know who you are "God Speed"

I'll talk to you all soon!!! Email me Please !!!!!

The one the only
Elder Llorens

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