Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Phone Call

Christmas Day

Best Christmas Gift this year…talking to our missionary…He is doing great and was just as excited to talk to us as we were to talk to him.  so thankful for modern technology!

Week 40 - Christmas Week

Week 40

Christmas Party

Maligayang Pasko... Merry Christmas.
Really fun week everyone. On Thursday we were able to have all the missionaries in this area come to one of the church buildings. There were about 200 plus missionaries all there so we started out just by watching a little movie and than afterwards we had a talent show. So me and all the missionaries in my little district decided to sing some Christmas songs, but yeah you know me I wanted to spice some things up so we sang Feliz navidad as our last song, and everyone loved it ! We all got fake mustaches and wore them and another sister got me a sombrero so…. I basically looked like a real When I was at home I made some Maraca's as well, I just used an empty jar of peanut butter and filled it up with rice. I'll try and get some pictures of that to you later, but yeah everyone was just laughing and having a good time with us. Than me and some other missionaries took some pictures with the California flag that my mom sent  so that was awesome as well. But the best was just talking to everyone that I hadn't seen in a long time. This week has been a little slow but we were able to at least drop in on a few people and wish them a Merry Christmas. Not a ton of Christmas lights but there are enough you just need to go to a busy street to see them. So on the way to the Party a bunch of college students flagged us down and wanted to do an interview with us because we are american . So the next day we went to the University of Saint Isabela for a care taking class and we did a Q and A interview and it turned out to be fun. We were in a class with about 15 students and we were able to talk about life back home and a lot about the Church so that was a really awesome experience for us and them. 

Not much planned for Christmas we have been trying to get some dinner appointments so I think it's going to be a good week for that. Later today we have an appointment , so hopefully all will work out. Another funny thing is that there are a lot of little kids going around at night time caroling to get some candy, so that's fun, making them sing to you. Earlier we played some basketball with some young men in our church it was fun... I got 5 three pointers so I have been improving. But Its been a great experience to be here in the Philippines during this time of my life. A lot has happened since being here for me and I'm sure for all who are reading it. Hate to say it but I know if I was at home right now not much would be going on in my life, so I am glad with my decision to go and serve. I'm also glad for the spirit of Christmas and the time I get to spend with different families and get to help them bring Christ into their lives. It shows me how to make my life better and make my self a better person. But I am grateful for my family and the friends who make my life awesome and great, Thanks again for the presents , I can't wait to open them and have some fun with them. I hope you get to spend some time with your families on Christmas and get to feel their love for you and vice verse. But Salamat again for everything, everyone. You are all great and I Wish you a Merry Christmas from here in the Philippines.

Your favorite missionary….Elder Seth "POGI" Llorens

Elder Seth "POGI" Llorens  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 39

Week 39

The Centro

So this week was fun we were able to do a service project  for an elementary school. We woke up at 6 got to our jeepney terminal at 7 and went to San Fernando.  Our job was to cut grass and make fences for newly planted trees so we show up and I guess they forgot to tell us that the playing field  where all the kids play and where we were gong to work is flooded. So we all got a little muddy really quick but it was fun and we got a ton of work in and completed everything before lunch. We also got to talk and play with all the kids they are super goofy and funny so we had a good time with all of them. My favorite one was this little special kid that kept asking me for food and wanting to help me make some fences. At the end I gave some food to him and gave some of the kids my candy goodies. They were way  fun hoping we get to  do that again before I leave.

 So  you know when ever jeepneys are involved the fun starts and you know, we went jeepney surfing! Then went home and crashed, my legs are still sore from that. So this week was good we found a part member family  and we tought the father that isnt a member and that was one of my best lessons. I felt something so good because I was just telling him how much this would bless his family and that he could be united forever with them and be so much happier.  I ended up giving him a baptismal invitation like 10 mins. in to the lesson thats how good it felt. He's a dad and  just thinking of it, every dad on the earth should want what we are  teaching here. So I just basically had a really great and spiritual lesson and it felt great there's no better feeling after those lessons. basta!
 we also had fun last night we watched the first presidency's Christmas message to us and afterwards we partied... alright we really just went to the Centro and took some pictures with all the Christmas lights. But there was a big party there. We took some pictures with the local police and just enjoyed the environment. but thats about it for me this week. The great message for this week is to enjoy the Spirit of Christmas now and when its over and to remember what Jesus Chirst has done for all of us and contiually does for everyone. Okay everyone I Love you and will talk to you all soon.

Local Police

 the POGI man  Llorens

Week 38

Week 38

Look close and you can see the silly string

So this week kind of went a little slow but a lot of funny and good things happened in it. So the first thing that happened is that I got a Christmas package and in it was Silly String. So I was like yes, perfect a lot of missionaries we had a huge meeting together and at the end we usually take a picture with all of us and this is where I pulled the prank. So I set my camera to record so I would get it all on video.  So after the last flash I just stood in the back and just let the the string fly. Everyone was laughing screaming and having a good time so it was good timing for sure. And even funnier, I was wearing a Christmas tie that sings jingle bells and  the kids, they got a good laugh out of it and they think its some type of magic.

Later that day we went out and we went to a house and the way to enter the property is you have to walk across a coconut log bridge( it was raining) and I'n sure you know where this story is going... So like I said it was raining that day since the night before so it was quite wet outside.  We get to the bridge and its a tad flooded. So any way we go we were going to have to walk through some we choose the log, I get half way across and the log rolled on me, I almost used my "skills" to catch myself but I slipped on the other foot as well and I came hurling down into the nasty stinky muddy water. I was about knee deep and yeah I smelt like a straight up pig.  We get to the house and  no one answers bummer! Then on the way back  it happens again. Jokes on me I guess. 
So the cool thing is I talked to our bishop and discussed the area and he gave me some families to find. So on Thursday we were in one of our areas and I had never been out this  way before, and  I remembered that one of the people that the bishop told me about lived out this way. So I made the decision were "going on an adventure" we walked a couple miles to find this guy but we finally did and I'm glad we took a chance. After we talked to him he went to church so that was great and its a huge area so later on we will try and talk to more people in that area. Saturday we went to another area and just started asking people if they knew any of the other names we had. We were able to get the general direction to where to go.. after walking for a while I  asked an older nanay if she recognized this name , she didn't recognize it so we start walking away than she called me over and she said she does know them and she'll take us there . We met the family and they were really receptive so that was  cool. 
 SO the thing im thankful for this week is the power of god. If he wants something to happen it will happen but on his own time.And I'm grateful for the other Elders and Sisters serving especially at this time they are doing  great things and I encourage you all to keep it up. And for those at home embrace the spirit of Christmas and do things that you would want others to do for you. okay my Nagas thank you for the e-mails I Love you all I hope you have a great week.

St Nick Night December 6- stocking filled

 Take it easy.
Elder Llorens

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 37 Thanksgiving

Week 37 - Thanksgiving

Hello fan club! Well I survived our Thanksgiving meal, I almost went into cardiac arrest from all the fried chicken we made. We bought like 5 kilos of chicken for fried chicken+ 3kilos of potatoes for mashed potatoes and everything  was glorious! AHHH.. but yeah I had like a MSG over load and like I said I almost died, no joke my left arm went numb for a little. Little scary! LOL So my first Thanksgiving away from home  wasn't so bad and  guess what? I went  to the lamest hole in the wall grocery store and they had one more Martenelli's Apple cider just for me! I would like to say I shared but…. I chugged it in like 30 seconds the was the second glorious thing I had. But, you bet I had a killer upset stomach. So the week was pretty normal but  Thanksgiving was a blast a lot of food and  it was super cool to have 6 roommates so we had fun cooking the food and just messing  around. 
Me and Elder Johnson were studs! He is doing really good for his 4th week out in the mission field. We have a  blast going out and getting the"Hey Joe" "where are you going?" This is what the filipino people yell at us. So yeah all the Filipinos like to share there English with us every chance they get so its a good opportunity for us as well. But we have a great time teaching the less actives in our area. the really hard thing for them is they have a good testimony of the gospel, but they are unable to come to church due to the lack of money  Elder Johnson and I understand this, so we try as hard as we can to share a powerful message with them. It's a real bummer, but we try to encourage them as much as possible and just try to explain to them that the light will break brightly soon after their trials and problems are over. They are great people and they always show me how life is suppose to be lived. Its going to be a sad day when Im  heading home on that big plane, too many great memories happened here with these great people, while trying to make the best of it. 
 I got a huge package from the family and friends, Daw so yeah I want to open all your presents everyone but I promised mom I won't but I don't know how long I can keep that promise, hahah just kidding mom. But yeah not a really good one this  letter this week,but hey I'm trying. 
I  am trying to remember that my job is to preach the gospel and help the people come closer to god and I notice it all comes first through me and then each of them. For those that are not of our faith and are reading this I have a powerful testimony that prayer works, that our father in Heaven loves each one of us and has a personal plan for us, even if we don't deserve his love he is always there, willing to listen and help us, but first we need to ask in faith and then the blessings and help from heaven will come to us and give the answer and comfort that we need. I prayed so much before my mission but I don't think I ever really noticed it. But here I have noticed something and that  is that he does listen and does answer but in his own time. Funny thing you can laugh at me for was that it rained like all this week so yup i was walking through all these puddles and ended up ruining all my shoes basically because they all have holes in them, I was walking in water up to my ankles so I guess its my fault. I guess... any ways that's all i got for this week, miss you, love you and I get super excited when I get emails from you. I'll talk to you all soon.
Elder Llorens,,,,,, POGI hhahahahahahahasahajfklasdjflsadfjsda;fkljsdf  no translation (just for you mom!)