Monday, June 30, 2014

      Video of "light" rain in the Philippines; plus Elder Bob at the end...

Week 67

Week 67

Hello. So this week has been really rough for me, I have been sick for most of this week because of the unclean water here. The week started off pretty good, but by Thursday night I felt like I was getting dengue fever. I had a fever and I was having some really bad chills, I couldn't sleep because I was shivering so bad. But the next day I had to give a presentation for our little zone (Tigaon zone). So I pretty much just winged it. (but not to bad) I also got a chance to talk to my mission president and his wife. We were spoiled with a home made chocolate chip cookie..... I ate mine so fast I thought some one stole it. :O But later that day I tried working....bad idea. I got the worst headache, mostly because of dehydration and not eating any good food. I am too scared to drink out of the water filter so now I am just buying big jugs of water and I am going to have to start to boil my water to be extra cautious. 

Where I pump water and do laundry

So yeah my stomach has been killing me the past couple of days but its better today. But all during the week, we made hand out flyers for a open house on Saturday  we handed out almost 200. When it came to the actual time for our open one showed up. So we basically invited anyone we saw to come in and learn a little more about us. So we had a whole total number of 3 people. But it was good a effort and a lot of good effort from the ward that helped support us.

This is where we hold church meetings

Sunday was the first day I went out and worked again after I got sick. We are hoping for one of our investigators to get baptized this week but her husband doesn't want her to. So the baptism that we were hoping for isn't looking like its going to happen this week. So we are trying our best and will continue to keep teaching and finding people to teach. So hopefully this week coming up will be better and we can find more new people to teach. But thanks everyone for your support and I hope you all have a great 4th of July and also hopefully team USA can win their match in the world cup this week. Okay thank you all again and ill talk to you soon.

My office with homey touches...

Elder Llorens

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 66 New Area

Week 66

Well this week has been good. So I got on the bus with everyone but was one of the first off when we got to the crossing to my new area, there I met my new companion Elder Guevarra. Then we took a 30 minute tricy to the new area. So the area is nothing but jungle and rice fields and a bunch of random little huts. We got to the house and yeah its not that nice we cleaned it up so it doesn't look to bad now. So its hot and I want some water so I am privileged to pump my water everyday and to top it off the water is bad so that night I got sick. But we went to a family home evening with one of the only members here, the Dacer family. They are really cool. So for the area is flippin huge so its nothing but walking and thats a bummer because there is no transportation here. So walking up the hills and falling in the rice fields have become a habit. My pants are completely muddy.... But the teaching here is good we got a couple of investigators here and actually have one of them ready to be baptized in 2 more weeks so hopefully that works out. But yeah here's a funny story we went to a graduation for a couple of our members and investigators, it started to rain and the Zone leaders told us to be careful if we were going to work today. As soon as we started walking to the graduation it started to pour on us. Then as soon as we got there it  became a little typhoonish, the wind was so strong and the rain was coming down hard they were about to cancel the graduation, but it stopped in a a couple of hours so that was fun waiting out the storm. We were able to support our members and investigators. One of the members owns the school so we were invited to eat with them , we were lucky because we had no food at the house and there is no where here to buy food... sooo not to shabby... 

so church is interesting.... in my area its not a ward , a branch or a group.... its only a special sacrament because there are only a few members here and its super far to the closest church building so we are renting out this building thats super hot. But yesterday was the highest count of people that came 29... so good day. But besides that we got punted (no lessons) all of yesterday .... no work but its okay we are just trying to make the best of the situation right now.  We are going to work hard this upcoming week. We have 2 new investigators this week and one of them came to church so that made us happy. So far so good. My kabahay or roommates are cool as well. Elder Dela Cruz and Elder Joaquin. We are having fun, so far we are having spider fights every night if there is no brown out.... it's been brownouts everyday so far ahaha. But this is such a cool experience, this area has a whole different bicol language so all the studying in my last area.... for nothing a haha .... I'm basically in survivor mode. But thanks to everyone who are still continuing to support me. You are the best and I'll talk and see you all soon again.

Ingat sa inyo lahat!!! :)

elder Llorens

Week 65 Transferred

Week 65

Area Missionaries

Silly smiles
The Best in the Land!

Hey all, well this has been a crazy week but a good one. Saturday night I found out I am getting transferred after being here for 6  and a half months. But I thought I  was going to go somewhere far from this area, my leaders called me last night and I am going to be transferred somewhere pretty close to here a place where I have to pump water and there is no transportation so I have to walk ridiculously far to places to teach people because its basically in the middle of no where so I am not so stoked.  But  I guess its a really progressing area. It's only 4 elders in that area, no church but they have a super small meeting house so this is going to be a freaking crazy time. But it was really hard saying goodbye to all the people here in San Jose. A lot of good memories here and its going to be one of the best places of my whole mission. But yeah this week was good a lot of good work as well. Yesterday we had a stake conference so all the members came to our little stake center here in Goa and there were so many that we (the missionaries) had to give up our seats to members and sit outside in the good old sweltering sun. But the funny thing this week is that on the night of transfer announcements the Zone leaders made a fake announcement and they said that my companion was being transferred but then they sent out the real ones.. luckily one of my friends told me it was fake but my companion thought it was real so he spent the whole night packing.Haha  The next day they spilled the beans that it was fake. So that was great when we saw the look on their faces... classic. But yeah I am going to have a lot of stuff to talk about when I come home from all of this crazy stuff  I have to deal with. It was cool we got a couple of dinner appointments for my last week.. yummmmm... later tonight i gotta finish my laundry and pack up.  I heard the KINGS won the Stanley CUP!!! and the Spurs beat Lebron so I thought that was pretty cool, and USA plays tomorrow in the World cup so I am missing some good games so everyone just keep me updated on the scores. And happy Fathers day to all the dads out there. You are the best. And thanks everyone for the emails again they are the best. Okay well I dont know what else to talk about but thanks everyone for supporting me and I'll talk to you all soon.

Elder Seth Llorens

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 64

Week 64

The Tower Burger

Another really great week. We had 25 lessons this week. We started out good, we tried going to a less active house but she wasn't there so we went to a different one and when we went to the second one she had a friend there that is not of our faith and we were able to share with her and it turned out to be a good lesson. We asked her if we could teach her again and she said yes. She said she really admired that we always walk to all of our appointments even when its really hot or when there is a typhoon outside. So she said when ever shes not busy we can go over and teach her. So that was pretty nice to hear someone say that. I guess people do notice us. But yeah this was a really good week we worked hard. I went on exchanges with my zone leaders on Friday and that was good fun; played some monopoly deal that was really fun also. I also got a package from my Aunt Cara and that was really good! I got 4 big bags of beef jerky and a huge thing of trail mix. We also had a really good family home evening at a less actives house and we invited all the members in the area to  come and it turned out to be a good lesson and the food was way good but the walk home almost killed us but it was worth it. We were able to have 2 of our investigators come to church as well. So really happy about that and we have a couple that are progressing and hopefully are getting closer now to baptism. I also ordered an ab wheel so I am planning on getting some rock hard abs, lol. Pray for me... but can't believe its already June. Time is going by super fast now and the weather was cold one day but then it got super hot again.  A big congratulations to my cousin Jase, he just got married so can't wait to see the family when I get home. We had a lot of fish this week for some reason but its been good. This week coming up is going to be even better. Tomorrow we have another family home evening, this time at our recent converts house and on Thursday we are going to the other elder's area with other members of the ward to find and teach less actives. I am looking forward to it because its right next to the beach and on Saturday and Sunday we have Stake Conference so this weeks work is going to be less but still a lot of good things happening.  I also find out on Saturday if I am going to be transferred or not but I have a feeling I am, I've been in this area for 6 1/2 months now. But yeah still having an awesome time here. Thank you all for all the emails and letters that are awesome and encouraging. Also good luck to those who have finals I'm glad I ain't you. but thanks a lot and I'll talk to you all again next week again


Elder Llorens

Week 63

Week 63

Hello Friends and Family,

So this was an okay week. We started the week off strong got like 5 lessons on Tuesday and then we went to bed early Tuesday night so on Wednesday morning we got up at 4:15 or at least I did so we could meet other missionaries in Goa. Then we went to Naga to listen to a general authority. But we met in Goa to get on a jeepney that we rented to pick up all the elders from our area all the way to the end of our mission zone. So it was a good day I got to see all my former companions in Naga and found out that they are all doing well and having a good time in all of their areas. I was able to gain a whole lot of great knowledge from Elder Neilson of the 70. He's a really awesome guy I was lucky enough to shake hands with him. When they introduced themselves they said they loved Mexican food so afterwards I told them I can make some pretty good tacos now... We are going to meet up some day and I'll feed him some good old fashion Mexican food! So during part of the conference, for all the birthdays we took a picture together and we also got a free snickers bar for our " birthday present". estig!  I'm glad that I have good friends and family that sent me those nice boxes full of treats. So thanks again. The rest of the week got a little hard. A lot of people were busy and not at home. So we only got like 3 lessons a day but I guess what matters is us focusing on the people rather than numbers.To make the week even more interesting I came across another giant spider I drowned it in poison so the numbers are really adding up. And the good for the week is that we went back to one of our new investigators from last week and we taught her and we invited her sister in law that was there too and so she listened and actually participated a little so that was the high light of my week, that was on Saturday afternoon. But yeah I am just trying to just keep a positive attitude even though it was a rough week. But thank you to everyone for all the nice emails and hopefully this week coming up will be a good one. Love you all and see you next week.

Elder Llorens