Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 33

Week 33

This last week was a bit of a hassle. I had to play daddy. My trainee got Dengue fever so I had to take care of him. But he's good now his case mild thank goodness. But I guess there is no cure for it so you basically rest and let it pass. He was just really light headed/dizzy, threw up a couple of times, dehydrated and yeah stomach pain but he's good now. I just had to feed him and dress him at one point (that spiced things up.

 On  Thursday I was privileged to listen to the area president for the Philippines, President Ardern from New Zealand. He and his wife are great people and they have awesome accents, so listening to them was great. They talked about a lot of things, but you could just tell that he's  a great man and that he really  loves the Lord. It definitely takes someone special to be an area president or and area seventy because its a really hard job. I got to shake his hand and listen to him for a couple hours. He said something that really made me wonder about myslef and all that I have done in my life, this isn't the exact quote but he said this...What think Christ of Me? I am so glad to serve a full time mission for the lord and teach people about his gospel. Its just great to see the change in me and the people here. I know I haven't been a perfect person in my life but I know through this gospel and this doctrine that we can change and be the person we are destined to be. I am grateful to be serving with other young men like myself,  the people of the Bicol region. It truely is the best in all the land.

 Weather update, it somewhat got cold it probably dropped like 2 degrees (whoopee) but its  windy so thats good, it makes it so it feels cooler at least. Later tonight I have a family  home evening and we get to eat Bicol express my favorite food and ice cream for a members birthday. We will teach the family how to play Simon says. So it should be fun, I'm looking forward to it.  I have been really enjoying the christmas lights here and the Christmas music it reminds me of home a lot. But  we have been tracting alot  lately so we can get find some new  investigators. I've  just been telling myself that the worth of every souls is great in the eyes of God. So yeah everyday we have been trying to see if we can contact someone. But hopefully next week we can get in some good work now that my trainee is feeling better.

 Well I can't think of anything else to write, but I really appreciate all the people that have written me and are keeping keeping up with my blog that my mom does. I'm thankful for my family and friends as well. They play a big part in my life. And if you want to learn more about what I really do look for the 2 nearest guys wearing,white shirts, ties and pants with a black name tag that says the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints on it . They can tell you a lot about life and some other really neat things.  I love you all and I hope you have a good week.

Elder Llorens

*Sorry for no pictures I am having memory card issues

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 32

Week 32

Hey so I've got to get this one short because I am e-mailing from the mission home. But Long story short my companion got sick and might have dengue fever. He got sick on Thursday and has  just been getting worse. He's been super light headed and has a pretty good fever, chills, a lot of sweat, and he has blown chunks a few times. But hey its okay, he just looks like he just got hit by a train. UGH!  So Sunday I took him to The E.R. but  that was weird doing it all in Tagalog. And honestly I never took my own self to the E.R. so it was a sweet experience, definitely boosted my week. (mom where are you??JK) So yeah tomorrow I get to take him back and get another Blood test and urine test so that should be just great. Really hoping its not Dengue fever because the recovery is long and slow.  But yeah  I have been really bored this week since Thursday.  I've been just watching all those new bible videos on lds.org  and watched conference talks again on my usb. But hey its been fun taking care of a sick person. Feeding him and kind of dressing him and giving him medicine. When one missionary is down his companion stays with him, no one is left behind!!  It just makes for a long days since we are limited on what we can do.

Before he got sick  the work was going great ! If we would have kept up how we were going the first part  of the week we would have broken our number for the highest amount of lessons. But hey its all good thankful that we are working to get him some what better. But  I have to take him back home he's not looking so good at the moment, Thanks for all the email sorry if i didn't get a chance to email back.

 Love you bye

Elder Llorens

Side Note:  Seth told us that the earthquake did not affect where he is at.  But that he has roommates from Cebu who haven't heard from their families. He said they are hoping for the best.

Week 31

Week 31

What's up my Naga followers?  So this week  was pretty okie dokie. This week there were transfers so we got a new zone leader and 2 new guyin the, "apartment of awesome." 2 elders from Cebu (another island in the Philippines) and ones a master chef.  So I have gained 5 pounds from this past week. The biggest high light was Genereal Conference.
Basically general conference is a semiannual thing that our church has that we are able to see the Prophet and his Apostles and his counselors speak to all that who watch.We went to the Canaman stake center to watch it and it was great to see that the stake center was
full of members to watch and listen to the prophet. It  really built my testimony because they all are not the best at English and because they were faithful and they sacrificed there money for food this week so they could come and see and listen to a prophet of God who receives revelation for the world. 

I think my favorite talk was about Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, about persecution and why we have it. really made sense to me and seeing all of these people here that are literally
persecuted everyday. In my last area in Buhi and here it just seems to be all the main problems are family or something happened and that they have not overcome it in their lives. So that was great and it also applies to all that are being persecuted today, young or old ,graduate or student, father or mother.  Its applies to all and that we can be feel
comforted. Probably the best thing I've listened to in a while. And of course another great one was President Monson's, but they were all great! So try and listen. I encourage you all to listen to them and study them in your heart and mind.

 But  funny thing this week I burned my hand pretty good. It blistered and then I popped it but yeah not to bad ,but its definitely a brand. At night our roommates have been playing card games and one funny thing is that one loser ...Elder Colipapa had to
eat a chili and that was funny, and the other loser had to do the cinnamon challenge..Elder Balad.   The work is good its the beginning of a new transfer and I can't wait to see what happens. Sorry to all that I couldn't respond to, the internet shop that I'm in has the worst connection. So yeah salamat tabi sa lahat. but yeah you guys are awesome and I can't tell you how much  I miss you... love you all and I'll see you all in  close to a year...

To legit to quit!

Elder "Pogi" Llorens

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 30

Week 30

Hey what's shaken? So this week was another good one not a shocker but hey rather it be a good than a bad one. So the cool things that happened this week are we had a Zone training  and right before we had it I saw a member from Buhi my last area and got to talk to her and see how everyone was doing, that was legit to talk to Mama JOY again. She used to feed us and let us hang out with her family and have family home evening with them.  It was really great to talk to her and see her again. 

The night before we had exchanges I was able to work in Milaor and have a party (really just hanging out)  like a regular missionary again with Elders Grospe, Rogers, and Alecoseba. Rogers is legit hes from Hamilton, New Zealand.  We got to hang and mess around. We also went to a members house and had a family home evening and ate there and just had fun. They don't have electricity so we had to bring our flash lights and party spirits which is mine and Elder Rogers specialty. So that was a great night . We ended up talking til like 1 in the morning, talking about life, movies and a little Imagine Dragons and of course girls haha.

Party Crew

Than this week Elder Relf and I had an investigator that ended up praying to know if what we were telling him about the church was true and he said he got an awesome feeling one he can't really describe, but he said it was cool.  I told him that was the holy ghost telling him the truth. But even better he works 8pm to 8am in the morning. He prayed the night before got that confirmation and after work he saw a bunch of people wearing white shrits so he's like huh, wait that might be the mormons, he was correct hahaha.  We had a good lesson about the plan of salvation after church so he still hadn't gone to sleep and he was wide awake.   He didnt really care about sleeping , he really wanted to know what our purpose on earth is and what happens when we die and where do we go. So that was awesome. and to top it off we got another new investigator.  She's in her 40s and is progressing and told us shes really want to go to general confrence and see the prophet and the apostols that are alive now. Estig!

So yeah a pretty solid week did some tracting got shut down pretty good, but i think it'll come later on in this transfer hopefully. We will just keep trying. Elder Relf  and I are now done with our 1st transfer together. , that means half way done with training. Elder Thunell is going home he's our Zone Leader and he was our room mate in the house.  Elder La'ulu was my comp in Buhi and he's going home as well. Elder Guanio, leaving, is awesome they are all awesome but I'm going to miss them. But yeah I think  I got a little lucky, I got fed by Brother Willie he' a the security guard for the mission home. Good food.  Thanks to everyone for the emails your awesome and can't wait to hear from you again.
Elder POGI Llorens