Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 30

Week 30

Hey what's shaken? So this week was another good one not a shocker but hey rather it be a good than a bad one. So the cool things that happened this week are we had a Zone training  and right before we had it I saw a member from Buhi my last area and got to talk to her and see how everyone was doing, that was legit to talk to Mama JOY again. She used to feed us and let us hang out with her family and have family home evening with them.  It was really great to talk to her and see her again. 

The night before we had exchanges I was able to work in Milaor and have a party (really just hanging out)  like a regular missionary again with Elders Grospe, Rogers, and Alecoseba. Rogers is legit hes from Hamilton, New Zealand.  We got to hang and mess around. We also went to a members house and had a family home evening and ate there and just had fun. They don't have electricity so we had to bring our flash lights and party spirits which is mine and Elder Rogers specialty. So that was a great night . We ended up talking til like 1 in the morning, talking about life, movies and a little Imagine Dragons and of course girls haha.

Party Crew

Than this week Elder Relf and I had an investigator that ended up praying to know if what we were telling him about the church was true and he said he got an awesome feeling one he can't really describe, but he said it was cool.  I told him that was the holy ghost telling him the truth. But even better he works 8pm to 8am in the morning. He prayed the night before got that confirmation and after work he saw a bunch of people wearing white shrits so he's like huh, wait that might be the mormons, he was correct hahaha.  We had a good lesson about the plan of salvation after church so he still hadn't gone to sleep and he was wide awake.   He didnt really care about sleeping , he really wanted to know what our purpose on earth is and what happens when we die and where do we go. So that was awesome. and to top it off we got another new investigator.  She's in her 40s and is progressing and told us shes really want to go to general confrence and see the prophet and the apostols that are alive now. Estig!

So yeah a pretty solid week did some tracting got shut down pretty good, but i think it'll come later on in this transfer hopefully. We will just keep trying. Elder Relf  and I are now done with our 1st transfer together. , that means half way done with training. Elder Thunell is going home he's our Zone Leader and he was our room mate in the house.  Elder La'ulu was my comp in Buhi and he's going home as well. Elder Guanio, leaving, is awesome they are all awesome but I'm going to miss them. But yeah I think  I got a little lucky, I got fed by Brother Willie he' a the security guard for the mission home. Good food.  Thanks to everyone for the emails your awesome and can't wait to hear from you again.
Elder POGI Llorens

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