Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 31

Week 31

What's up my Naga followers?  So this week  was pretty okie dokie. This week there were transfers so we got a new zone leader and 2 new guyin the, "apartment of awesome." 2 elders from Cebu (another island in the Philippines) and ones a master chef.  So I have gained 5 pounds from this past week. The biggest high light was Genereal Conference.
Basically general conference is a semiannual thing that our church has that we are able to see the Prophet and his Apostles and his counselors speak to all that who watch.We went to the Canaman stake center to watch it and it was great to see that the stake center was
full of members to watch and listen to the prophet. It  really built my testimony because they all are not the best at English and because they were faithful and they sacrificed there money for food this week so they could come and see and listen to a prophet of God who receives revelation for the world. 

I think my favorite talk was about Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, about persecution and why we have it. really made sense to me and seeing all of these people here that are literally
persecuted everyday. In my last area in Buhi and here it just seems to be all the main problems are family or something happened and that they have not overcome it in their lives. So that was great and it also applies to all that are being persecuted today, young or old ,graduate or student, father or mother.  Its applies to all and that we can be feel
comforted. Probably the best thing I've listened to in a while. And of course another great one was President Monson's, but they were all great! So try and listen. I encourage you all to listen to them and study them in your heart and mind.

 But  funny thing this week I burned my hand pretty good. It blistered and then I popped it but yeah not to bad ,but its definitely a brand. At night our roommates have been playing card games and one funny thing is that one loser ...Elder Colipapa had to
eat a chili and that was funny, and the other loser had to do the cinnamon challenge..Elder Balad.   The work is good its the beginning of a new transfer and I can't wait to see what happens. Sorry to all that I couldn't respond to, the internet shop that I'm in has the worst connection. So yeah salamat tabi sa lahat. but yeah you guys are awesome and I can't tell you how much  I miss you... love you all and I'll see you all in  close to a year...

To legit to quit!

Elder "Pogi" Llorens

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