Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week 89

Week 89

So friends and family this shall be the last update of my mission here in the Philippines Naga mission. This has been truly a great experience of my whole life. The things Ive seen and done here have been amazing. I am overwhelmed to serve here with our Filipino brothers and sisters sharing the Gospel and Serving those in need. This last week was a great one, Elder Seegmiller and I went on exchanges with some of the elders in our zone and we also were able to get some more new investigators and we actually had a little family of young adults come to church. Its been really hard t this week saying goodbye to all the people I've meet, super hard to finally leave the Philippines. But I am really happy to finally come back home to see all my other friends and family. A really cool thing this week is I got my suit that I got tailored and made here and it fits perfect! I also got this really nice hammock its basically a fishing net but its super masarap to lay in. But yeah I think one of the crazy things I'm going to miss the most is the food and the transportation no more jeepneys and tricys now.... this week for work has been good as well just trying to work to the end and I guess I did it. Its a super weird feeling now that I'm not going to work later today. But as hard as it is saying good bye I keep seeing everyone I said goodbye to last week, today, its really making it harder than it is and its just making me more stressed out. I  just want to say to everyone that I am thankful for all that have supported me my whole mission and can't wait to see you all this week. nagpapasalamat ako rin para sa lahat ng mga kaibigan ko dito sa pinas, na tulungan ako. mamimiss ko talaga dito sa pinas. alam ko na totoo ang simbahan ni jesucirtso ng mga banal sa mga huling araw . buhay and dios, si Jesus ay ang ating tagapagligtas sa buong mundo at nagdusa po siya para sa ating lahat. SObrung totoo ang aklat ni mormon siya ay ang isa pang tipan ni jesucristo. kahit uuwi na ako imposible para sa akin makakalimultan tungkol sa lahat na ginawa ko dito sa Philippines. Maraming salamat sa lahat ulit. Mahal ko kayo!
kitakits sa susunod
Elder Seth Llorens

Monday, November 24, 2014

week 88

Week 88

So this is now my last official week proselyting in the Philippines. It is really sad but I am super happy that I had about 2 years to do this for the Lord and for everyone else. So this last week for some reason turned out to be really fun. I think the funniest thing that happen this last week was a drunk guy came to church for all 3 hours and the best part was him singing Joy to the World at the top of his voice. super funny. But yeah this last week was a little hard at the beginning of the week but it turned out to be better as the week went on. The best so far has been our work finding new investigators. We also had some fun going on exchanges with some other elders. Yesterday was nice I got to go to a foreigners house, he's from Denmark I think but his step son is a member from here but less active. I got to eat some left over cake and leche flan so that was really nice as well. Another funny and embarrassing thing that happen is that we had to go to one of our different  far areas for a mission related thing, and when I went to get on a jeepney I accidentally head butted a girl... (not to hard) in the head, it was like a little thing but it was really embarrassing. I really felt bad because she was really embarrassed as well but I did all I think I could to say I was sorry, but yeah. This week was just really fun too a lot of random small things happened. The crazy thing is that basically I get to go home next week and be normal again thats going to be weird. Another fun thing is I'm going to go on a lot of exchanges this week to get my mind off of things and just make this last week fun. But thanks everyone again for all you have done from the beginning til now you are the bomb and I'll see you soon.
Elder Llorens

Week 87

Week 87

Hello, so this week has been awesome. We have been really successful in finding new people to teach this week so basically my mission President just told me to do was run to the end of my mission so thats what me and my companion are doing. But we are having fun at the same time. So everyday we basically have found new people to teach, usually from just talking to people and whats really nice most of them are letting us come back to teach them more. One of the days while we were working with some of the other Elders in our area, we were looking for a less active and this was cool he lives in this one house, and his step father is a really tall dutch man. So for the whole time I was talking to him in really horrible English. Basically I forgot how to speak formal english to anyone, but yeah it was really weird talking/ having a conversation in English. My favorite part of the week was on Friday, we had a zone conference and it was really cool to see a lot of my friends in the mission right before I leave. But yeah we had a really sweet spirit about the church, and it was nice to have a open discussion with the rest of our zone and other zones. This week you can say was busy we had 29 lessons all together, it was so busy we didn't have time to go to all of our other lessons because we were just going hard. It's been really cool how the lord prepares people to hear our message, while we were looking for this one street contact, we asked this lady if she knew who the person we were looking for, after a while of talking she started to ask questions, long story short she basically asked all the questions we teach in the first lesson and asked us to come back to teach her more later this week. Super cool that sometimes there are a lot of people looking for the "something more" but sometimes they don't know they are looking for it. That was definitely a testimony builder for me and my companion. And yesterday I gave a talk at Church about ... Missionary service.... no shocker there, But my favorite scripture I used there was in Alma 42:31

 31 "And now, O my son, ye are called of God to preach the word unto this people. And now, my son, go thy way, declare the word with truth and soberness, that thou mayest bring souls unto repentance, that the great plan of mercy may have claim upon them. And may God grant unto you even according to my words. Amen."
I am just super happy to have spent these few months preaching the Gospel to those who don't know about the Plan of Salvation or Plan of Happiness. Its been Gloryoso hahaha. But yeah 2 more weeks and im home and I get to eat my Double Double burger. That is the blessed day. But thanks everyone for your support and I'll see you Shortly.
Elder Llorens

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 86

Week 86 

So this week was pretty spanking sweet.... Monday night we had our usual Family home evening at the Pili home and we have another one later tonight. Tuesday I had my last MLC (Mission Leader Conference) at the mission home, I got to bear my testimony to the leaders of the mission with 8 other of my batch who are leaving who are Zone Leaders or STLs. SO that was a really great experience. I got to see some of my friends from the different areas and talk to them about life in the mission and getting tips about college as well. We had Elder Yarisantos and Simmons sleep over because Yarisantois and I went to Manila early in the morning with other exiting missionaries to get finger printing done so we can go home in December. While we were there we had to endure the immigration office.... possibly worst than the DMV. But afterwards we were allowed to go to the Mall of Asia and I just went nuts on eating American food, I got a really good burger from Tgi Fridays and also Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Cinnabon. So that was cool, we also got to see missionaries from other missions so we got to talk with them as well so that was fun. Also had my first hot shower in the mission field that was nice also. So Thursday morning we came back home, went to our areas and went to work and we planned for our zone training the next day. Friday we had zone training and that was really good, we helped talk about our strengths and weaknesses and what we need to do to improve and it looked like it helped, we could already see the results from the training. Saturday we had a 1 day mission we worked with our Branch Presidency and young men helping to reactivate the priesthood. It was a good help and it was good to work with our leaders as well. Sunday was nice day got to get some work in as well. Just really busy this week but it was a good week overall. Thanks again everyone for all the emails they are always encouraging. thats it for this week,
Elder Llorens
Week 85

So this was another successful week. On Monday we had a family home evening at our branch presidents house and that was really fun, some of the sister's investigators were there and it was really nice. On Tuesday it was a normal day of work but it was fun,we got ignored the whole day but we managed to get some lessons. The next day we had exchanges with the Calabanga district leaders... Elders Grospe and Cole. It was a great day we got 12 lessons all together, we were also privileged to eat some nice adobe that Elder Grospe made for us. On Thursday  we went to Calabanga to join their district meeting and that was fun. Turned out that the church was locked and that we had no other place to do district meeting so we actually called a member and asked if we could have it in her home and she said yes. She also made us Chicken Curry and that was glorious. After that I got some motion sickness than we came home, went to our far area and taught one of our investigators who is going to be baptized in December.  We went there and taught her and a less active member and we walked home. It was a good hour walk but it was a nice walk because we had really nice weather, it was dark ,a little cool and drizzling. The next day we worked hard as well got a couple of new investigators and some that were already talking about baptism and they are already reading the Book Of Mormon. But yeah good days. And on Saturday we went on splits with the assistants we got a couple of lessons but it was really hard because it was the Day of the Dead.  Everyone just goes to the cemetery to hang out with their dead so no one was at home, it was really hard to teach but we got some good conversations with people. I met some one from orange county so it was way cool. On Sunday we had 2 investigators come to church and also had one young man named Mark Anthony come for the first time and that was a really cool and our investigator class was full this week also so that was fun. We also had an area Philippines broadcast got to listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks and other general authorities and it was really uplifting   This morning I am getting a nice suit made so I am excited to see what it looks like in 3 weeks. But thats about it but thanks everyone for the emails they are great and ill talk to you again next week.

Elder Llorens

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


.23 cent Vest

Family Home Evening Fun

Spicy Chili Ice Cream
Handsome Missionaries


Goofing off


Week 84

Week 84

Hello everyone guess what?? It's another great week in the Philippines. On monday night we had another family home evening at our less actives house and it was really great they had an investigator there that really enjoyed our message and over all it was a good time. The next day was transfers. So we all met at the Canaman Chapel to meet our new companions. I got to say goodbye to a lot of my friends because this is most likely going to be the last time I see them before I go home so that was nice. SO I met my new companion. His name is Elder Seegmiller from Sacramento, California. So this is going to be a really fun last transfer. So far we have a ton of things in common, so this is like a said should be a fun transfer. We had a good week we got 4 new investigators this week and got in a couple of great lessons t, our investigators have said they feel a peace of mind every time we come over so that's really nice to hear. Our work is progressing it seems like we have focused on a couple of good investigators and we can sort of see them having a chance to be baptized in the future, I'm just trying to work really hard right before I leave so I have no regrets when I  leave for home. Some cool things I ate this week have been Octopus and Sili or spicy Chili ice cream. The ice cream didn't agree well with our stomachs so I recommend not to eat it. ahaha, but the octopus was really good it was cooked in this really good mango mushrooms. Earlier today I bought a 10 peso vest which is only .23 cents in America so that's cool. We played some volleyball earlier today with some members and the sister missionaries in our ward. But I have been really having a good time as my mission starts to wind down. I really appreciate all the things  that everyone does for me. Makes me really thankful, so thanks for everything. This upcoming week is going to be busy with exchanges with different Elders and we are going to have the day of the dead, which means there are going to be a ton of drunk people on Saturday, it is basically equivalent to like a July 4 but just people hanging out at cemeteries and having a good time. hahaha  I'll send some pictures to you guys next week about it.
Elder Llorens

Week 83

Week 83

So this week turned out to be a great week because we didn't have to run around that much for assignments and stuff so we were able to be focused and do all the thing we needed to do. So nothing to out of the ordinary happened this week, the cool thing that happened though was  that one of the Sister missionaries investigators got baptized and the girl that got baptized ask me to do the ordination so that was really nice. But me and Elder Finau got a lot of hard work in the week. We found 4 new investigators and we have 6 progressing investigators this week.So this is the last week  of the transfer so we got the news that Elder Finau is going to be transferred so I am going to meet my new companion tomorrow. I am going to miss Elder Finau but its been a great transfer with him doing our early morning work outs together.  Another cool thing this week we were able to give one of our investigators a baptismal date! But really thats all thats happened this week I guess I can tell you I got really wet the other day because I lost my umbrella again and it rained so me and Elder Fianu both don't have umbrellas so we both got soaked. So maybe later today I'll find another one hahaha. But yeah the count down continues looks like I'll see everyone 6 weeks from now. But I am really trying  to just finish strong and to keep the faith all the way to the end. I just would like to thank everyone for all the great support from the beginning, you have helped me to become the person that I am now. All I can really say right now is thank you! But just want everyone to know that this has been a great adventure and I  can't wait to tell everyone about it when I get home. thanks again.
Elder Llorens

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 82

Week 82

Hello again,

So this last week was a really fun week for me. Last Monday we had a great family home evening at one of our less actives homes. We shared a small but great message and we played some fun games and just had a really good night. The next day was just a normal day we went to our far area to teach one of our part member families but we went to a less active first... this is the one that was drinking the last time.... so I ask him if it was okay if he could give me a clean trim for my hair he said okay. Notice (this guy is a little weird). All of a sudden he gets his clippers and starts giving me a hair cut, by the time I could say anything it was too late and li he gave me the most awful haircut ever. I just wanted to get a nice clean trim for general conference but I guess Satan was just working against me.

Community Service

 But the next day we had a District Community service project in the rain at a high school we just cut grass with some machetes.... pretty normal, but it was fun. My job was holding the umbrella so others didn't get wet pretty important job ahaha. After that we went on exchanges with some Elders and that turned out really nice we got a couple of lessons with them so that helped us out a lot. We even killed a rat so it was a successful day. The next day we had a district meeting and that was good afterward we got some Mang Inasal so that was amazing. Later that day Elder Finau gave one of our less active tatays a hair cut free of charge and it turned out really good.... better than mine haha -_- later that day we taught some lessons also. 

Just a trim

The next day was nice. we got a couple of lessons and it was really good got a couple of new investigators so our week started to get really busy. But on Saturday we had our general Conference and it was so great! So many great talks and I got to see all the other missionaries. Best day of the week this week. I even got to see Elder Relf. So we have gone to General Conference now 3 times in a row so we are going to have to make a tradition now. And yeah such a great atmosphere. We had some Elders sleep over too because they live far so away so they worked with us for some lessons than we went home in the rain and made some crazy sardine omelet not too shabby. Sunday we had our last sessions of General Conference and it was great as well. After, we went home worked with some members and went on splits and  taught some more people. Even though it was a busy week we got a lot of lessons this week so we are really happy. The work is great we got some new investigators and some families that we are teaching are really progressing so that makes it worth it.

District Activity

 Earlier today we had a district activity. So all the missionaries in our district went to Camaligan to play volleyball..... so we thought. we got to the chapel to set up the court but guess what? the ball magically disappeared, we searched the whole place for it but WALA!!!! So we played capture the flag, 3 flags up and some other Filipino games which was fun! Afterward we had the caters in our ward cook us some really great food. Then we went home and showered and paid our bill. But yeah that was my week and day so far. Just sweating right now because I am in an outdoor internet cafe because the one we usually go to is full. But thanks everyone for the support you are all great and I'll see you all soon! 7 weeks na lang......

Elder Llorens

Week 81

Week 81

So this week was a long one. 

 On Monday last week, we went to our far area to teach one of our investigators and  it was a really great lesson. But we had to walk like 3 miles home so that was not too fun. The next day we went to the mission home for our MLC (Mission Leader Conference) with all the other zone leaders and STLs(stake leaders) in the Naga mission just to talk about our mission and see if we are making our goals and also talking about other things as well. I got to see my best friend Brother Willie! He's the security guard and last year when I was assigned to naga 3rd area me and Elder Relf would always go to hes house and teach.... mostly eat haha. But it was really great seeing all the other elders and sisters and talking with them and seeing how they are doing. SO in the afternoon we taught some less actives which was a really great lesson.  The family we taught  is really having a hard time and right now we are just trying to help them through it. It was a super super nice lesson the whole family came to church and later tonight we are having a family home evening at their house. Yay Progress! The next day we went on exchanges with the Tinambac Elders in our area so that was nice we were able to go on splits in our area so we got a lot of good lessons with them and at the same time we helped trained them too.The next day we had zone training so me and elder Finau gave a work shop to the missionaries in our zone and it was really great it was an open discussion type of workshop. It was nice hearing the testimonies of the arriving and departing missionaries. Later that night  we had a Family home evening with another family and it was super nice because the family invited one of their friends to come so we taught a good lesson and we plan on being able to go back to the family that came to the F.H.E. So another new family to teach! The next day we went on exchanges with the Assistants and that was fun. We got to do our studies in Aircon the whole day and we had a car for the time we were there, sort of felt like America hahaha. But the best part of that day was probably at the end of the day when me and Elder Villamor were waiting to get picked up. All of a sudden a drunk dude was in the middle of the road while jeepneys and tricys were just dodging him. then he starts to come over and starts talking to us.... basically making no sense... tells us that he doesn't like Americans. So I just start talking to him and basically he was a nice drunk guy. So i just tell him we are brothers and that we are cool in Bicol and he started to like us, he liked us so much that he says he loves us! By this point he's a mess and I am helping him to stand up, I take a picture with him and right after that our ride shows up but he wants to go in the van with us. So I tell them just go ahead and I'll catch up with them. So I leave the guy and just jog to the ride and get in. But I guess the dude was chasing me so as soon as I get in Elder Villamor slams the door and we take off. I had no idea!  We all had a good laugh. 

My New Friend
Sunday was good! The Sister missionaries actually had a baptism in the morning so that was really nice way to start the day. We had a couple of our less actives show up so that was awesome! Our day was long full of meetings but we had a good lesson with one of our progressing investigators. Earlier today we played some basketball with the members and tried to pay the water bill but its a holiday here so that was a fail. I also picked up my pants that I had made and they look pretty sexy. but thats all for today really. Looks like everyone is doing good here nothing too big is happening  but it seems like I only have like a couple of days left now. But thank you everyone for the support from the beginning til now your awesome. 

Ill talk to you all soon. mahihiling ko kamo 

Elder Llorens

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 80

Week 80

Hello everyone. this was another good week here in the City. So at the beginning of this week, last Monday actually, we went to our far area to teach some investigators and less actives we also got to help someone carry some rice to their home and because of being friendly we were able to teach them, the only thing that sucked was walking back all the way home because there were no more rides available when we left. The next day we did a little small community service project for a less active member in the morning we basically cleaned his house for him. So that was good he came to church this week and in the afternoon we taught a couple of lessons. The next day was really nice we had a member work with us and because he worked with us we were able to teach  8 lessons, we can't go into houses if it is just a girl or a women so when we have someone working with us we can teach a lot more people so that was really nice. Also it really nice to have someone there thats not a missionary it helps to make the setting more comfortable. The next day we went on exchanges with the other Elders Anderson and Allred. We had a great day a lot of tracting and teaching but it was great working with some of our Elders and helping them during their teaching and giving them some advice. The next day we had interviews with our Mission President, it was funny that some of my interview was about what my plans are for after the mission But it pretty much made me think how close i am to going home now.... 60 something more days left.  But we had a Branch family home evening and before that we went to help one of the members carry food from their house to the church and before we actually carried the food they offered us some KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS!!!!.... what the heck, it was the most glorious thing I have tasted in 2 years. The activity was fun we weren't prepared to do an activity so we sang Joy to the World, pretty lame but what ever. The next day we went back to our far area and taught our new investigator and other investigators and unfortunately our less active was a little drunk so it got a little interesting as well. Yesterday was crazy so while we went out working one of our investigators that we teach literally came out of now where and was drunk grabbed me by the arm and started to tell us how much he loves us. So we told him that we were going to go back later in the week and teach him, because he wanted to be taught at that very second. So we left thought it was pretty funny until we came back to the church and some of the members told us that the same person came by earlier before we came and asked to know where we were. Sometimes its hard in the city because the culture is one that enjoys alcohol. So those experiences were pretty funny but this was a good week, we were hard working. Me and my companion are trying to finish our missions out strong  so we are always tired, between the work and working out every day we stay busy.  We cleaned our house today and I killed 3 rats so I call this a successful week already. But thank you all for the email they are great and can't wait to hear from you all again next week!
Elder Llorens

Week 79

Week 79

Hey so this is my update. So this week was good but also hectic at the same time. This week was the Pena Francia So all the people went to the centro of naga and partied the whole week but we couldn't go... bummer but we stayed back and tried to find people to teach even though there was hardly anyone back in our area. So we just basically looked for anyone to teach and it acutally worked out all right. But we also got to go on exchanges with some of the elders this week and got to attend their district meeting in Calabanga. We also had to hurry and do an emergency run for a baptism I guess the chapel that they had a baptism at had no more clothes so we had to get our baptismal clothes from our chapel and take it across town to the other one so it was a little hectic but it worked out and we got to watch 6 great baptisms! But the work is going great but District Leaders are really hard working. So I am getting use to my new position. I am getting along well with Elder Finau most of the time we just talk about the funny things we did back in the MTC together and its crazy that we are getting ready to go back home now. But the mission is going really well a lot of new people that we are teaching. Its fun also to be with a good friend, makes the time go faster. Earlier today we had a community service project with our church we picked up trash around the community and this Friday we have a nice branch family home evening and hopefully we can get our investigators and less actives to come to that. But I got a really nice package from my Nana so thanks Nana can't wait to eat all the food! and thanks to everyone that wrote me. The emails are great. But I am getting ready to get off now so thank you everyone and I love you and I'll talk to you all soon.
Elder Llorens

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 78- New Area

Week 78

So I am transferred. My new area is back in the city and is called Camaligan.  The area and the members are great. But it's such a weird feeling coming from the jungle to such a nice part of the city. I have a nice apartment with nice clean running water, no more brown outs and we can get food any time we want...  if we really wanted to, we could order McDonald's haha! But my new companion is Elder Finau who is actually part of my batch in the MTC and we were roommates in Buhi way back when... So we are really happy that we are together and having fun teaching the Gospel everyday. So this week we have had so many teaching appointments its hard to fit them in our schedule but we are trying hard to teach everyone we can or just at least talk to them and build a good relationship with them... its funny how its a Mexican and a Tongan speaking Tagalog or Bicol  to all these people. This week is crazy because the Catholic Church here has this thing called Pena Francia... the same as the one from last year... where there are all these parades and stuff going on... a lot of fire works and people drinking so there are more people than usual here in Naga for the celebration... I'll try to get some good pictures later today. I think another funny thing is that Elder Finau and I have been working out everyday so far... we had a tropical storm on Saturday and every morning at 6 we wake up and either run or weight lift.... on Saturday we ran in the storm so that was fun... we got a lot of crazy looks from people on the street... they were mostly laughing at us. But its been fun being with someone I've known it  definitely helps me get through the work... crazy thing is that there are more sister missionaries than elders in our district.  They are all nice and they are fun... hopefully I can get some pictures to you guys next week. my computer for some reason won't recognize my Sc card. But last night I had such a great dinner, the people  fed us this super good tasting  fish with cookies and brownies from the oven with coconut salad and blue lemonade... so I am pampered here now and will most likely will get fat. But I love the area and the work, and thank you to all the people who continue to  send me emails . They are really great to get. And I hope you all have a good week this week. Salamat ulit!

Elder Pogi Lloren



Week 77 - I'm transferred!

Week 77

So this week was actually a really fun week. We started the week out really well trying to work hard... its still really hot and humid and sometimes rainy. But this week was really slow a lot of our appointments fell through so a lot of walking these last couple of days but its been good. I found out that I am transferred! So hopefully I don't have to worry about  big spiders, dirty water and brown outs all the time... But I am super glad for all the things I basically had to endure here in this area. Its been a big growing up part in my life and it will be a great help when I get home. Another awesome thing this week is that I rode my first Kalabaw(water buffalo), it was so fun but totally freaked me out when it started to walk haha. We also had a party this on Saturday as we waited to see who was going to be transferred. Felt like the NFL draft because we have to wait for the phone call to tell us... it was a long wait but I am really excited to go to my final area and end my mission there. But I am going to really miss this area once again, mostly because  all the members here are really nice and they are super friendly. It was really sad saying goodbye but I am definitely not going to forget all the awesome people here. So  this morning I probably played the best pick up game of basketball of my life and what happens.... jam the crud out of my finger so bad.... and of all fingers its my middle one.... full erect. And then it  sucked  when I was emailing my parents totally brown outs for an hour and then I had to wait like 30 mins to for the people here to fix my computer.  This week had been good like I said we also had a zone training so it was fun again to see all the other missionaries and see how they are all doing. I sort of got a little sick this week also... Sore throat but its been better now I jugged some emergenc and jugged some vitamins and I am doing a lot better now. The only thing that I am not looking forward to this transfer is that later to day I still have to pack... its the absolute worst and the commuting part. But I am trying  just trying to finish my mission out strong...  I will admit that all the Christmas lights and music is really making me miss home. haha. But just want to say good luck to everyone at school and thanks to everyone who has been writing me and keeping in touch. I think that's all this week thank you and see you all soon.

Elder Llorens

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 76

Week 76

Hello everyone. So this week has been a really great one certainly one to remember... one of our investigators was baptized and I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize her. What a great feeling it was the highlight of the week! I rented a jeepney for the members and some of our investigators to come and  support the baptism... another great blessing was me going to the city and eating an 7/11 ice cream LOL oh and to see the other Elders in Ocampo have a baptism as well. Another great blessing was having a lot of member and investigators come to church this last week... so sooner or later our little group will soon become a branch and more progression can happen in our little area.

  Also me and Elder Jalocon have been trying to find new people to teach this week. We went out tracting the other day and found some nice people... One of them is a really nice Muslim, she is so nice she made us some really delicious rice dessert things that looked and tasted like donuts! SO we are trying to work hard and find more people to teach. The weather this week has been weird super sunny and hot in the morning and then rain in the afternoon because of the humidity... it sort of gives you a killer head ache because of the change in temperature but I am starting to get used to it. SO funny story I left one of my umbrellas a long time ago in Naga during transfers so about every week I buy a new one because I tend to break it some how...the other week I broke one by using it as crutch because I was getting ready to fall and slip.. so it broke in half and this week I broke another one...but I found the one I lost! haha This week has been good for lessons as well. Next  week we have another zone training so I will be able to see some of my friends again. Also we find out if a am transferred or not on Saturday. So we will see what happens... later today we have a family home evening at a Far far area and I dont know but its raining pretty good right now so well see if we can make it or not because the house is like a 2 hour walk from our house and in the middle of the jungle. So we will see... thats about all for now but thank everyone again for the emails and I hope you are all doing well, hope you like the pictures.

Elder POGI LLorens

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 75

Week 75


So this was a pretty nice week.... we had a lot of people that came to church this last Sunday.... the Sunday before was 22 but this week was 42 so we almost doubled and 5 of them were our investigators that we are teaching the gospel to... We also have another baptism coming up this week on Saturday. I am totally stoked for that.... When I first came here this area was really struggling but now its becoming a really nice area even if there was no electricity for 6 weeks hahaha... thankfully that came back... so earlier this week we had a birthday party for one of the elders he turned 27 even though he looks like he's 20. That was a fun party... I also got to inspect a high caliber bird gun... not a bad contraption but I would be really scared to shoot it. But it was a fun one to just hold it and be a poster boy for the Army.

 And once again I found another fresh water crab in the irrigation system by our house... I accidentally shook its claw to hard, its sort of fell off hahaha woops. But the biggest news this week was catching an impossible gecko!!! These things are extremely ferocious and mean I got some pretty sweet pictures for you.... we found a mouse and fed it to him.... it was a glorious fight to the death but the gecko one for sure... Hahaha we tilted the box upside down so it would be easier for the gecko to swallow it whole... it was something you would definitely see on national geographic. 

Yes thats a mouse's tail in its mouth!
But this week was a hot one too it rained Saturday and yesterday really hard for a little bit... on the way to one of our interviews it rained and we totally had to find a some what big tree to make a bridge because of  a totally random river that formed in one of our areas.... so we got a little wet... you can do the math to figure out what happened to us! HAHA.. But it was really awesome to see one of my former companions the other day at our zone conference with our Mission President. me and Elder Relf want to be companions again before I leave so we'll see what happens.... we asked the President and he said he'll think about it so we think that is a good sign   But I got to see a lot of my other friends from the mission there... as for me I am doing good.... last week flew by way quick so I am liking that...I did the math I have less than 100 days til I get home. So I am happy, can't wait to come home and hang out with all the friends and family again... I hope everyone is doing well. But yeah the sweat and the pain is worth it!!! Thanks to all again this is really like my only report this week a lot of good pictures so go and check them out!!! salamat sa lahat!

The dynamic Duo

Elder Llorens


Week 74

Finally we got electricity again. we are no longer having sleepless nights!. So besides that this week has been really good we started the week out really well and the teaching is going really well. We have a baptism coming up in 2 weeks and we are just helping people still to repair their houses. So our house is one of the many houses that have power but the rest of the town or little farming country still don't have it so we are being looked out for big time. But this is a big blessing for me. I really learned what it is to be like to have no power for almost 6 weeks and its been a real learning and humbling experience. Part of my learning here I have not mastered but I am a pretty good chess player now. Some of you might think thats a little nerdy but its actually a big thing here in the Philippines and at times it gets a little intense. So the only really big news here is the electricity coming back. But we had a really good lesson the other day for one of the members here in the area. Its been a while since hes gone to church. And it was a really good lesson and it was before church when we taught him and we basically gave him a pump up speech of how this can bless him and his  family and how he can be a leader to them now doing what hes doing and at them same time going to church. I couldn't believe it but he showed up and his family too even though his baby was a little sick. That was awesome. This last sunday I gave a talk at church as well... I Shared this scripture in the Book of Mormon Moroni 10;* and I thought this could be good for everyone either of or not of our faith."And again, I exhort you, my brethren, that ye deny not the gifts of God, for they are many; and they come from the same God. And there are different ways that these gifts are administered; but it is the same God who worketh all in all; and they are given by the manifestations of the Spirit of God unto men, to profit them."   so we all have gifts from god and since god has given us these gifts we can all use them for good! example... service. It can be very simple but it is a huge thing,not only to the persons eyes who we are serving but also to gods eyes. I am greatful for the many opportunities that I have been having being here in the Philippines and I have been talking to some of my friends about being super sad about leaving.  Its true. When we are in a worthy cause it feels awesome especially when we are doing our part in helping. So this has been a great week I get to see my friends again for our zone training this Friday with our mission president and his wife. I can't wait to make the trip and see my friends and all the other missionaries here. Tomorrow we are having a party for one of the missionaries in my house. I am in charge of the soda but this should be really fun opportunity being around great people. Just want to say thank you to all of the friends and family who have been great examples to me all of my life you are all awesome. I should also share that we had another bat problem in our house and that I was almost killed by the ferocious thing.  So thank you all again... I'll talk to you soon.

Elder Llorens

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 73

Week 73

Downed tree from typhoon 

didn't make it...

So this week turned out pretty good...On Tuesday we started out the day by walking up this mountain to start trying to find new people to teach... maybe I'll take a picture next time of this road that leads up all the way to the mountain. So we started just to talk to some people and it turned out they knew some of the members so they said we can go back and teach them WOO! and we also got to teach some of the our investigators from before... we just haven't had a chance to teach them because of the typhoon... So one of the pictures I sent was me on a tree that fell down.... in the back ground that's Mt. Iriga or Mt. Asog I think its the same mountain... but yeah we taught a really great lesson to that family... our topic was about families so it sort of made me miss home but it was a super great lesson.... mean while we still have no electricity here in my area.... so its super hot... can't drink cold water and can't use my fan when we go home... so its been a little hot to sleep at night. They say it might be a little while until it comes back... they say October... I think its a joke (I hope) but its literally our little town that we live in that has no power... so the lessons have been going good we have a new investigator and she is really cool... her name is Sister Cherry her husband is a member but she isn't... she really likes our lessons with her so hopefully we can get her to progress to baptism. But this week me and my companion helped this one family who are members to rebuild there house... So what we did is get a bunch of palm tress and carry it to their new home which probably estimates about 150 yards away but you have to walk up a hill and down a hill and through a rice feild... so I basically carried the load for us... but it was a decent 100 pounds per bundle... reminded me of football practice. 

A little shaky..

The umbrella definitely helped LOL

Later that day we had a party for an anniversary of a father who died, his family throws a party every year so it was nice to drink nice fresh coconut water and juice.... that was a good day. Another fun thing happened yesterday, our gas ran out for cooking so my boy scout skills came into handy... we made a fire to cook rice and other meat and water... so we did not starve. But again this week has been great we also had zone training and it was great to see the rest of the new missionaries here in the mission and my friends.  This has been an all around good week. Thanks to all that has wrote me. your emails are always awesome. Til next week.

Elder Llorens

Week 72

Week 72

New Companion and Good Food

So this week was okay... On tuesday I got to pick up my new companion in Naga and I got to eat McDonalds for breakfast and pizza hut for lunch.... I was so full. I also got to see basically all my friends in the whole mission and got to hang out with them for half the day. So Elder Jalocon is my new companion and actually was my room mate in my last area in San Jose so we have been just telling stories from the past to each other. 

The first day together we did service at a members house, I played with a baby goat that day and unfortunately killed a duck.... the house we did service at didn't had anyway to repay us so we ate duck for lunch.... it was actually really good. I went really hard that day during service... they gave me an ax to cut down trees.... I got a sweet blood blister. But I drank unfiltered water for lunch.... so that night I paid for it.... so the next day we did more work and service and the day after we had a district meeting then later went to Pili to withdraw money and grocery shop. When we got  home my companion put his grocery bag on my bunk bed and I was still feeling bad from the water so I laid down.... that night at like 2 o clock in the morning I felt something furry on my feet so I shined my flashlight at my foot and I saw like 4 freaking rats right on my feet.... SO that was not fun... happened like 3 times that night..... So yeah not fun.... not to many lessons this week but we have 2 progressing investigators one of them is getting ready to be baptized at the end of the month and the other one is super nice... her husband is a member. I had a great opportunity to give her baby a name and a blessing. While we were giving her little baby a blessing she started to cry so it was a fun experience. 


 Last night we had a family home evening and played a game and if you lost you had to put charcoal on your face.... I basically looked like an Apache hahaha way fun. So i think this week is going to be really good.  I am doing good, the health is somewhat okay but I am just here having some fun doing everything I can here in the Philippines. But thanks everyone for all the messages you send me they are always awesome. Later this week we have more parties here with the members. So the fun continues . Also I am going to have a knife made here in our area because there is a blacksmith: the handle of the knife is going to be horns from a water buffalo... so hopefully we get pictures of it this week. but I think this is it for this week... thanks all! 

Elder Llorens

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 71

So  I sent an update last week, but I guess it didn't go through.  Last week was really intense. So on Monday we got a text from our leaders that we need to prepare because a typhoon was going to hit the Bicol region the next day and that we need to be ready to go to our evacuation points. So we didn't really think much of it but I was over looking our plans and basically I just got a strong feeling that this typhoon was going to be bad and that we needed to go to a safer evacuation area... I am thankful I went on that feeling because Tuesday night at about 7 o'clock metal sheets, houses, and  animals were flying around getting destroyed. The house that we even evacuated to got a major leak on the 3rd floor and our house got flooded. But this was the craziest storm I have ever been in. I just remember looking outside the window seeing banana trees getting cut in half by the wind and power lines just flopping in the air.... I was a little scared. The next day was a mess. We went outside to see what it was like and it was like looking at a garbage dump because the whole city was destroyed. We helped move this giant tree blocking the road for this lady. After that we made the decision to go around and start helping members. So thats what we did. But it was really sad to see that a lot of homes were gone and destroyed because of the typhoon. All last week and all of this week we spent cleaning up homes and helping people with their problems. So it was really fun giving service to others.  Overall it was a really  humbling experience. So even our house was destroyed a little everything inside was soaked in water and part of our roof was gone. But I am really glad that we got to help the people here and give them some hope in their lives. I even got to meet new people that I didnt know before which is really cool. I think overall this has been a really great experience even though we still have no electricity because all the power lines were knocked down . So there has been a lot more mosquitoes and its been a thousand times hotter. But its okay. I got a lot of blisters on my hands. I've fallen on barbed wire and I have broken a pair of my sandals so far. Tomorrow I get a new companion... I sort of feel bad for him because he is coming to one of the hardest areas in the mission. But its going to be fun. Hopefully he will be fun and the time will fly with him. But overall this last week has been really rough but its also been really good. Thank you for everyone who has been emailing me your the best!

Elder Llorens

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 70- The Aftermath

Week 70

Hi all, no official update from Elder Llorens this week.  Typhoon Rasmussen or Glenda as the Filipino people call, it hit last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here is a news clip:

Residents in the Philippines on Friday (July 18) repaired houses and began assessing damage to infrastructure, after Typhoon Rammasun swept across the country. Fifty-four people have died, and three are reported missing, disaster officials said. The storm destroyed about 7,000 houses and damaged 19,000, the executive director of the National Disaster Agency, Alexander Pama, has said. More than 530,000 people had taken refuge in evacuation centres, official figures showed.

We did not hear from Seth on Sunday, but heard from him last night that he is okay.  He had to travel to Naga to find working internet, and it was very sporadic.  His Mission President sent this email:

We have lost power and Internet to 80 percent of our mission. All of our missionaries are safe. 

We know that his house was damaged, but he was in an evacuation location during the storm.  He said that they have been helping the people with repairs, but that his area was ravaged by the storm.  Thank you everyone for the continued prayers and support.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Bonus Pictures 7/14/14/

Bugnay Berries a treat!

They make your tongue purple

roads we walk

storm coming in

beautiful country