Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 75

Week 75


So this was a pretty nice week.... we had a lot of people that came to church this last Sunday.... the Sunday before was 22 but this week was 42 so we almost doubled and 5 of them were our investigators that we are teaching the gospel to... We also have another baptism coming up this week on Saturday. I am totally stoked for that.... When I first came here this area was really struggling but now its becoming a really nice area even if there was no electricity for 6 weeks hahaha... thankfully that came back... so earlier this week we had a birthday party for one of the elders he turned 27 even though he looks like he's 20. That was a fun party... I also got to inspect a high caliber bird gun... not a bad contraption but I would be really scared to shoot it. But it was a fun one to just hold it and be a poster boy for the Army.

 And once again I found another fresh water crab in the irrigation system by our house... I accidentally shook its claw to hard, its sort of fell off hahaha woops. But the biggest news this week was catching an impossible gecko!!! These things are extremely ferocious and mean I got some pretty sweet pictures for you.... we found a mouse and fed it to him.... it was a glorious fight to the death but the gecko one for sure... Hahaha we tilted the box upside down so it would be easier for the gecko to swallow it whole... it was something you would definitely see on national geographic. 

Yes thats a mouse's tail in its mouth!
But this week was a hot one too it rained Saturday and yesterday really hard for a little bit... on the way to one of our interviews it rained and we totally had to find a some what big tree to make a bridge because of  a totally random river that formed in one of our areas.... so we got a little wet... you can do the math to figure out what happened to us! HAHA.. But it was really awesome to see one of my former companions the other day at our zone conference with our Mission President. me and Elder Relf want to be companions again before I leave so we'll see what happens.... we asked the President and he said he'll think about it so we think that is a good sign   But I got to see a lot of my other friends from the mission there... as for me I am doing good.... last week flew by way quick so I am liking that...I did the math I have less than 100 days til I get home. So I am happy, can't wait to come home and hang out with all the friends and family again... I hope everyone is doing well. But yeah the sweat and the pain is worth it!!! Thanks to all again this is really like my only report this week a lot of good pictures so go and check them out!!! salamat sa lahat!

The dynamic Duo

Elder Llorens

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