Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 76

Week 76

Hello everyone. So this week has been a really great one certainly one to remember... one of our investigators was baptized and I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize her. What a great feeling it was the highlight of the week! I rented a jeepney for the members and some of our investigators to come and  support the baptism... another great blessing was me going to the city and eating an 7/11 ice cream LOL oh and to see the other Elders in Ocampo have a baptism as well. Another great blessing was having a lot of member and investigators come to church this last week... so sooner or later our little group will soon become a branch and more progression can happen in our little area.

  Also me and Elder Jalocon have been trying to find new people to teach this week. We went out tracting the other day and found some nice people... One of them is a really nice Muslim, she is so nice she made us some really delicious rice dessert things that looked and tasted like donuts! SO we are trying to work hard and find more people to teach. The weather this week has been weird super sunny and hot in the morning and then rain in the afternoon because of the humidity... it sort of gives you a killer head ache because of the change in temperature but I am starting to get used to it. SO funny story I left one of my umbrellas a long time ago in Naga during transfers so about every week I buy a new one because I tend to break it some how...the other week I broke one by using it as crutch because I was getting ready to fall and slip.. so it broke in half and this week I broke another one...but I found the one I lost! haha This week has been good for lessons as well. Next  week we have another zone training so I will be able to see some of my friends again. Also we find out if a am transferred or not on Saturday. So we will see what happens... later today we have a family home evening at a Far far area and I dont know but its raining pretty good right now so well see if we can make it or not because the house is like a 2 hour walk from our house and in the middle of the jungle. So we will see... thats about all for now but thank everyone again for the emails and I hope you are all doing well, hope you like the pictures.

Elder POGI LLorens

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