Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 78- New Area

Week 78

So I am transferred. My new area is back in the city and is called Camaligan.  The area and the members are great. But it's such a weird feeling coming from the jungle to such a nice part of the city. I have a nice apartment with nice clean running water, no more brown outs and we can get food any time we want...  if we really wanted to, we could order McDonald's haha! But my new companion is Elder Finau who is actually part of my batch in the MTC and we were roommates in Buhi way back when... So we are really happy that we are together and having fun teaching the Gospel everyday. So this week we have had so many teaching appointments its hard to fit them in our schedule but we are trying hard to teach everyone we can or just at least talk to them and build a good relationship with them... its funny how its a Mexican and a Tongan speaking Tagalog or Bicol  to all these people. This week is crazy because the Catholic Church here has this thing called Pena Francia... the same as the one from last year... where there are all these parades and stuff going on... a lot of fire works and people drinking so there are more people than usual here in Naga for the celebration... I'll try to get some good pictures later today. I think another funny thing is that Elder Finau and I have been working out everyday so far... we had a tropical storm on Saturday and every morning at 6 we wake up and either run or weight lift.... on Saturday we ran in the storm so that was fun... we got a lot of crazy looks from people on the street... they were mostly laughing at us. But its been fun being with someone I've known it  definitely helps me get through the work... crazy thing is that there are more sister missionaries than elders in our district.  They are all nice and they are fun... hopefully I can get some pictures to you guys next week. my computer for some reason won't recognize my Sc card. But last night I had such a great dinner, the people  fed us this super good tasting  fish with cookies and brownies from the oven with coconut salad and blue lemonade... so I am pampered here now and will most likely will get fat. But I love the area and the work, and thank you to all the people who continue to  send me emails . They are really great to get. And I hope you all have a good week this week. Salamat ulit!

Elder Pogi Lloren

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