Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 77 - I'm transferred!

Week 77

So this week was actually a really fun week. We started the week out really well trying to work hard... its still really hot and humid and sometimes rainy. But this week was really slow a lot of our appointments fell through so a lot of walking these last couple of days but its been good. I found out that I am transferred! So hopefully I don't have to worry about  big spiders, dirty water and brown outs all the time... But I am super glad for all the things I basically had to endure here in this area. Its been a big growing up part in my life and it will be a great help when I get home. Another awesome thing this week is that I rode my first Kalabaw(water buffalo), it was so fun but totally freaked me out when it started to walk haha. We also had a party this on Saturday as we waited to see who was going to be transferred. Felt like the NFL draft because we have to wait for the phone call to tell us... it was a long wait but I am really excited to go to my final area and end my mission there. But I am going to really miss this area once again, mostly because  all the members here are really nice and they are super friendly. It was really sad saying goodbye but I am definitely not going to forget all the awesome people here. So  this morning I probably played the best pick up game of basketball of my life and what happens.... jam the crud out of my finger so bad.... and of all fingers its my middle one.... full erect. And then it  sucked  when I was emailing my parents totally brown outs for an hour and then I had to wait like 30 mins to for the people here to fix my computer.  This week had been good like I said we also had a zone training so it was fun again to see all the other missionaries and see how they are all doing. I sort of got a little sick this week also... Sore throat but its been better now I jugged some emergenc and jugged some vitamins and I am doing a lot better now. The only thing that I am not looking forward to this transfer is that later to day I still have to pack... its the absolute worst and the commuting part. But I am trying  just trying to finish my mission out strong...  I will admit that all the Christmas lights and music is really making me miss home. haha. But just want to say good luck to everyone at school and thanks to everyone who has been writing me and keeping in touch. I think that's all this week thank you and see you all soon.

Elder Llorens

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