Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 80

Week 80

Hello everyone. this was another good week here in the City. So at the beginning of this week, last Monday actually, we went to our far area to teach some investigators and less actives we also got to help someone carry some rice to their home and because of being friendly we were able to teach them, the only thing that sucked was walking back all the way home because there were no more rides available when we left. The next day we did a little small community service project for a less active member in the morning we basically cleaned his house for him. So that was good he came to church this week and in the afternoon we taught a couple of lessons. The next day was really nice we had a member work with us and because he worked with us we were able to teach  8 lessons, we can't go into houses if it is just a girl or a women so when we have someone working with us we can teach a lot more people so that was really nice. Also it really nice to have someone there thats not a missionary it helps to make the setting more comfortable. The next day we went on exchanges with the other Elders Anderson and Allred. We had a great day a lot of tracting and teaching but it was great working with some of our Elders and helping them during their teaching and giving them some advice. The next day we had interviews with our Mission President, it was funny that some of my interview was about what my plans are for after the mission But it pretty much made me think how close i am to going home now.... 60 something more days left.  But we had a Branch family home evening and before that we went to help one of the members carry food from their house to the church and before we actually carried the food they offered us some KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS!!!!.... what the heck, it was the most glorious thing I have tasted in 2 years. The activity was fun we weren't prepared to do an activity so we sang Joy to the World, pretty lame but what ever. The next day we went back to our far area and taught our new investigator and other investigators and unfortunately our less active was a little drunk so it got a little interesting as well. Yesterday was crazy so while we went out working one of our investigators that we teach literally came out of now where and was drunk grabbed me by the arm and started to tell us how much he loves us. So we told him that we were going to go back later in the week and teach him, because he wanted to be taught at that very second. So we left thought it was pretty funny until we came back to the church and some of the members told us that the same person came by earlier before we came and asked to know where we were. Sometimes its hard in the city because the culture is one that enjoys alcohol. So those experiences were pretty funny but this was a good week, we were hard working. Me and my companion are trying to finish our missions out strong  so we are always tired, between the work and working out every day we stay busy.  We cleaned our house today and I killed 3 rats so I call this a successful week already. But thank you all for the email they are great and can't wait to hear from you all again next week!
Elder Llorens

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