Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 81

Week 81

So this week was a long one. 

 On Monday last week, we went to our far area to teach one of our investigators and  it was a really great lesson. But we had to walk like 3 miles home so that was not too fun. The next day we went to the mission home for our MLC (Mission Leader Conference) with all the other zone leaders and STLs(stake leaders) in the Naga mission just to talk about our mission and see if we are making our goals and also talking about other things as well. I got to see my best friend Brother Willie! He's the security guard and last year when I was assigned to naga 3rd area me and Elder Relf would always go to hes house and teach.... mostly eat haha. But it was really great seeing all the other elders and sisters and talking with them and seeing how they are doing. SO in the afternoon we taught some less actives which was a really great lesson.  The family we taught  is really having a hard time and right now we are just trying to help them through it. It was a super super nice lesson the whole family came to church and later tonight we are having a family home evening at their house. Yay Progress! The next day we went on exchanges with the Tinambac Elders in our area so that was nice we were able to go on splits in our area so we got a lot of good lessons with them and at the same time we helped trained them too.The next day we had zone training so me and elder Finau gave a work shop to the missionaries in our zone and it was really great it was an open discussion type of workshop. It was nice hearing the testimonies of the arriving and departing missionaries. Later that night  we had a Family home evening with another family and it was super nice because the family invited one of their friends to come so we taught a good lesson and we plan on being able to go back to the family that came to the F.H.E. So another new family to teach! The next day we went on exchanges with the Assistants and that was fun. We got to do our studies in Aircon the whole day and we had a car for the time we were there, sort of felt like America hahaha. But the best part of that day was probably at the end of the day when me and Elder Villamor were waiting to get picked up. All of a sudden a drunk dude was in the middle of the road while jeepneys and tricys were just dodging him. then he starts to come over and starts talking to us.... basically making no sense... tells us that he doesn't like Americans. So I just start talking to him and basically he was a nice drunk guy. So i just tell him we are brothers and that we are cool in Bicol and he started to like us, he liked us so much that he says he loves us! By this point he's a mess and I am helping him to stand up, I take a picture with him and right after that our ride shows up but he wants to go in the van with us. So I tell them just go ahead and I'll catch up with them. So I leave the guy and just jog to the ride and get in. But I guess the dude was chasing me so as soon as I get in Elder Villamor slams the door and we take off. I had no idea!  We all had a good laugh. 

My New Friend
Sunday was good! The Sister missionaries actually had a baptism in the morning so that was really nice way to start the day. We had a couple of our less actives show up so that was awesome! Our day was long full of meetings but we had a good lesson with one of our progressing investigators. Earlier today we played some basketball with the members and tried to pay the water bill but its a holiday here so that was a fail. I also picked up my pants that I had made and they look pretty sexy. but thats all for today really. Looks like everyone is doing good here nothing too big is happening  but it seems like I only have like a couple of days left now. But thank you everyone for the support from the beginning til now your awesome. 

Ill talk to you all soon. mahihiling ko kamo 

Elder Llorens

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