Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 84

Week 84

Hello everyone guess what?? It's another great week in the Philippines. On monday night we had another family home evening at our less actives house and it was really great they had an investigator there that really enjoyed our message and over all it was a good time. The next day was transfers. So we all met at the Canaman Chapel to meet our new companions. I got to say goodbye to a lot of my friends because this is most likely going to be the last time I see them before I go home so that was nice. SO I met my new companion. His name is Elder Seegmiller from Sacramento, California. So this is going to be a really fun last transfer. So far we have a ton of things in common, so this is like a said should be a fun transfer. We had a good week we got 4 new investigators this week and got in a couple of great lessons t, our investigators have said they feel a peace of mind every time we come over so that's really nice to hear. Our work is progressing it seems like we have focused on a couple of good investigators and we can sort of see them having a chance to be baptized in the future, I'm just trying to work really hard right before I leave so I have no regrets when I  leave for home. Some cool things I ate this week have been Octopus and Sili or spicy Chili ice cream. The ice cream didn't agree well with our stomachs so I recommend not to eat it. ahaha, but the octopus was really good it was cooked in this really good mango mushrooms. Earlier today I bought a 10 peso vest which is only .23 cents in America so that's cool. We played some volleyball earlier today with some members and the sister missionaries in our ward. But I have been really having a good time as my mission starts to wind down. I really appreciate all the things  that everyone does for me. Makes me really thankful, so thanks for everything. This upcoming week is going to be busy with exchanges with different Elders and we are going to have the day of the dead, which means there are going to be a ton of drunk people on Saturday, it is basically equivalent to like a July 4 but just people hanging out at cemeteries and having a good time. hahaha  I'll send some pictures to you guys next week about it.
Elder Llorens

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