Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 82

Week 82

Hello again,

So this last week was a really fun week for me. Last Monday we had a great family home evening at one of our less actives homes. We shared a small but great message and we played some fun games and just had a really good night. The next day was just a normal day we went to our far area to teach one of our part member families but we went to a less active first... this is the one that was drinking the last time.... so I ask him if it was okay if he could give me a clean trim for my hair he said okay. Notice (this guy is a little weird). All of a sudden he gets his clippers and starts giving me a hair cut, by the time I could say anything it was too late and li he gave me the most awful haircut ever. I just wanted to get a nice clean trim for general conference but I guess Satan was just working against me.

Community Service

 But the next day we had a District Community service project in the rain at a high school we just cut grass with some machetes.... pretty normal, but it was fun. My job was holding the umbrella so others didn't get wet pretty important job ahaha. After that we went on exchanges with some Elders and that turned out really nice we got a couple of lessons with them so that helped us out a lot. We even killed a rat so it was a successful day. The next day we had a district meeting and that was good afterward we got some Mang Inasal so that was amazing. Later that day Elder Finau gave one of our less active tatays a hair cut free of charge and it turned out really good.... better than mine haha -_- later that day we taught some lessons also. 

Just a trim

The next day was nice. we got a couple of lessons and it was really good got a couple of new investigators so our week started to get really busy. But on Saturday we had our general Conference and it was so great! So many great talks and I got to see all the other missionaries. Best day of the week this week. I even got to see Elder Relf. So we have gone to General Conference now 3 times in a row so we are going to have to make a tradition now. And yeah such a great atmosphere. We had some Elders sleep over too because they live far so away so they worked with us for some lessons than we went home in the rain and made some crazy sardine omelet not too shabby. Sunday we had our last sessions of General Conference and it was great as well. After, we went home worked with some members and went on splits and  taught some more people. Even though it was a busy week we got a lot of lessons this week so we are really happy. The work is great we got some new investigators and some families that we are teaching are really progressing so that makes it worth it.

District Activity

 Earlier today we had a district activity. So all the missionaries in our district went to Camaligan to play volleyball..... so we thought. we got to the chapel to set up the court but guess what? the ball magically disappeared, we searched the whole place for it but WALA!!!! So we played capture the flag, 3 flags up and some other Filipino games which was fun! Afterward we had the caters in our ward cook us some really great food. Then we went home and showered and paid our bill. But yeah that was my week and day so far. Just sweating right now because I am in an outdoor internet cafe because the one we usually go to is full. But thanks everyone for the support you are all great and I'll see you all soon! 7 weeks na lang......

Elder Llorens

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