Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 15 6/24/13

Week 15 6/24/13
So this week was good. A little slow, I think its because I have finally  adjusted to the missionary life. Its gonna be weird adapting to life after the mission but something I'm kind of looking forward too. Especially the part where there is air conditioning, food anytime you want, a good bathroom and toilet, and sanitized water!  This week what has been killing me are the brown outs or black outs, they are the worst!  Sometimes there is no electricity for  between 2-9 hours and the worst part is when you get home and you get in the shower and all of a sudden it just goes dark, it leads to awkward situations, Haha you are just going to have to trust me on that one. It also stinks  when you are getting ready to cook food, or getting ready to go to bed and you have the nice fan on the closest thing to air conditioning then it just turns off and you are just sleeping on the floor with your nice gross mattress and your star wars sheets and then presume to sweat bullets. 

But on the funnier and brighter side of the week, me and my Companion Elder La'ulu crashed a 10 year olds birthday party. In the Philippines its normal to invite people who you don't know or are just acquaintances with to a party's so you can add to the fun and have a better time hopefully. For us we stuck to eating their food and rocking it on the Karaoke machine, I did some classics: Journey, Beatles, Beach boys, Taylor Swift and Syiempre/ of course Ice Ice Baby and I tried some Frank Sinatra. So that was fun considering we walked pretty far to get there maybe 14 km. So good rewards and blessing for going to  that I guess.
Teaching my companion to do the "Bernie"

 Some thing cool I read in D&C was  when Joseph Smith asked the brethern, " shall we not go on in so great a cause?" and thats exactly why I am here to help other come closer to god. They say they don't want to listen or say they aren't interested but we somehow get a return appointment and we later end up baptizing them. A lot of people don't know where to look for what they are searching for. Its my job to help the Filipino. They are so great they are the best I already consider myself filipino! They live day to day with so little. The way they live baffles me, they honestly would choose to live the way they are rather than go for something much better, they are humble and truly loving people. I am truly thankful for living in America where we are able to voice our opinion and have a good government with fair laws. I am especially  thankful that my family doesn't have to live in poverty everyday. I went on exchanges last week and just talking to other filipino missionaries they say they would rather be missionaries all their life so they can obtain the blessing of the Lord rather than go  home and return to poverty. 

I am thankful that I have a really good companionship and thats important for all missionaries and those getting ready to go on missions if you have a good companionship you'll be successful and you'll make that connection that helps you to work well together.
I am thankful that I am healthy and able to continue to work here.  I am thankful for all of the support I have.  I am thankful that our Heavenly Father continues to pick me up when I am down and continues to lead and guide my work here.

Shout out to Cejae and Jordan T.  Happy Birthday! Hope you both had great days.

Keep the e-mails coming please!!!

The one and only Elder Llorens

Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 14 6/16/13

So this week has been pretty good, we found 2 new investigators, estig! But the only thing so far that has been bad is the rain, or the bagyos. Everyday I have been just getting drenched form head to toe, walking through mud and yeah starting to wish I was serving in America so I could feel normal. Not Being able to have air conditioning when ever you want in 100 degress weather is horrible, taking bucket showers is not too fun, sleeping on the floor is not to fun either but I have too because its cooler that way. 
I have ants and other creatures just attacking me too which isn't too cool. The cool thing is I've lost weight due to the walking like 10 miles a day over hills, in the jungle, in rice paddies.

 I also have to hand wash all my clothes, cook my own food, can't really go to fast food restaurants out here. And the bathroom situation I just can't talk about, its too nasty.  But the work is what keeps me going. Seeing people change there lives is what keeps me going, if I know I have made a difference then I feel good. If this is what gives me the right to come home with honor then this is what I am going to do for the next 2 years, its not my time but the lords. 

Its so far the toughest thing I have ever had to deal with not so much physically but the emotional stress is killing me. I feel like I have aged at least 5 years form being here. The people here in Buhi are the bomb, my favorite is giving the kids high fives every time I see them. They think we are rock stars! Their smiles on their faces are priceless and no amount of money can buy that type of happiness. So far me and my comp are "bosses" we get along real good and yeah most of our down time is us either dancing or just messing around and most importantly working out. But yeah early this week I was on our balcony and our window is open sideways and its metal and I wasn't paying too much attention and I hit  my head on the edge and cut it open, its not to big but I definitely felt the metal inside my brain, it tickled, but yeah no stitches just poured some alcohol on it haha.
Just a small hole..

 Our area is really pretty and I really like it here.  This week I was asked to give a talk at church, I did the best I could do in Tagalog in the end I am pretty sure they understood. hmmm ano pa? every Monday we eight missionaries lift in  Iriga city and thats pretty cool. Today I got Shakeys pizza they got one here in Iriga so got myself a large. And yeah talked to a lady who used to live in San Diego while we were at the eye doctors. It was pretty fun to talk with her. This week was the last time to talk to President and Sister Bliesner they leave next week and then come our new president and his wife. Um but yeah, good week just hanging in there trying not to get bored. But yeah just wanted to say happy Fathers Day to all the dads out their, your the best! ito po lahat para sa ang lingo na ito. maaraming salamat para sa ang mga email. Engot po (Translation :this is all for this week, many thanks for the emails, good bye.)
My new companion..

Elder Llorens

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 13 6-10-13

So this was a awesome week! Tuesday I went to Naga to meet my new companion. We got there early and that was cool because we got "Jolibee"  which is a filipino Mcdonalds. After we went to the mission Office to meet my new companion Elder La'ulu from Australian he's Samoan and he's pretty big!  He plays rugby, estig! Then we heeded to my new area called Buhi which is in Irigia and its the best area here in the  Naga mission. Its probably the most beautifu spot. Its this little area surrounded by mountains and it has a big lake called Buhi lake! haha I have a sweet new living quarters our house is a 2 story and from the balcony you can see Mt. Mayon the volcano. The cool thing at night its gets cold enough to use sheets! Lovin it!
View from Balcony

Me and Elder La'ulu  are sort of opening a new area. Elder Finau who is in my batch from the MTC and Elder Cawit from Negros Occidental in the Philippines are our house mates and they control the "lake sector" which is the towns around the lake and the Centro. Our job is to basically track around the hills and the jungle  work from the middle out, our are is called the "mountain sector". And yeah the last couple days right after lunch time its just been raining hard on us.Its beautiful in the morning then bam! RAIN. the last couple of days after I have come home I have been just soaked and my shoes just full of mud but its super fun especially when you have to jump over huge puddles or you have to sacrifice and walk through the "swimming pool". HAHA

The members are great and the church is really strong here.  Back in Sipocot we only had like 50 members come but here in Buhi there are 80+ and thats great! We already have a really good investigator and she's awesome, she went to church this last Sunday and after while we have been teaching her she says she's been getting goose bumps and we just tell her that's the holy ghost telling/confirming you what we are saying is true. The language is really great and the work is going to start getting harder this first week was kind of finding our area and trying to scout around because Elder La'ulu says this is the first time going to some of the farther areas outside of Buhi. But yeah good things are happening here in Buhi our meeting house has air conditioning and they are building a chapel soon so we don't have to use the meeting house so I am really excited about my new area and hope I get to stay here awhile.

This morning we went to Iriga City and thats a cool place. We played basketball with the young men and after wards did some gym time because they have one here. Then we got Mang Inasal (all you can eat rice)!!!! Also I have 2 new Buhi bags the lady does it here in Nakabuhi "Buhi" and I was excited to finally get them. My new district is Astig!!! I have 4 sisters in it .Sister Abarabar and her comp Sister Ganzagan who is being trained. Sister Tumagoy who is in my batch she's a filipina and she's training Sister Birk from Utah and we have the Zone leaders Elder Duatin and Elder Patino both Pinoys, and elder Finau who is my batch from the MTC and his comp Elder Cawit. But its funny talking to sister Birk she's just still confused thats she's in the Philippines and all that is going on around her. But yeah time has been flying here and i have been loving it!!! And also loving serving the Lord here in the  Philippines. Great things are starting to happen here in the Church and I am grateful to be a part of it in helping people to come closer to Chist by helping them to receive his restored gospel here on  Earth.

I would like to thank all of those who have supported me on my journey. And thank you to those who email me. I am sorry if I don't email you back, but i just want to say, Mahal ko po lahat sa Inyo! Nagpapasalamat para sa inyo. Alam ko na buhay and tagapaglightas at nagpapasalamat nagmymysion dito sa naga philippines mission.mahal tayo ng dios! Marami salamat! Kitikits, Engot Po kayo. (Translation I love all of you! I am thankful for all of you . I know that our savior lives and I am grateful to serve my mission here in the Naga Philippines mission. God loves us all! many thanks! See you soon. Good bye to you.)

The sign says: "Only dogs can pee here" LOL
Shout outs :

 Happy Fathers day to the best dad ever! and Thank you to all those that have served and protected our country especially WWII. (This week on Wednesday is the 

Philippines Independence Day.)

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Llorens

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 12  6-3-13

Big news this week! After being in training for 12 weeks in the Sipocot area I have been transferred to a new Area in the Iriga Zone. My new area is called Buhi right next to Buhi lake.

 Buhi is the best area in the now Naga mission, so yes I'll be staying in the Naga mission and will stay a Naga knight!  You can look up Buhi Lake on google maps and see where I will be. For those of you not familiar how the mission works, it goes like this: You train for 12 weeks with 1 companion in one area, then after your training period you are eligible to be transferred to a new companion/area every six weeks. My new Companion is Elder La'ulu from Australia  he is half Australian and half excited. Also excited about having a 4 elder apartment.

Benabentes Family

 So for my last week in Sipocot we kept busy but didnt' have a ton of lessons.  But I  got to see all the members in this area  for the last time. Kindof bittersweet, I will miss some of these families alot! So like half way through this week all us Elders  ran out of money so we pretty much ate all of my food from the packages I got form my birthday (thanks mom!) and yeah luckily I had money left over to last us for 4 days so we had  a lot of canned food. blech!! But I did get one last dinner at Nanays Benabentes and yeah that was good she made pork but it tasted like steak I don't know how but "eyah" it was GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! So we taught a less active this week and  we were talking to  this guy and he just starts speaking in really good english to me soo we started talking and he said he has an "auntie" who lives in SoCal and asked me if I knew where Alta Vista was..HMMM and I said it didn't sound familiar ,but it really did , (need to remember this was in like filipino accent) so later after thinking about it  I was pretty sure he probably lived in the same housing complex as me because I lived in Alta Vista, so yeah that was pretty random. I also saw an American this week in  town and started talking to him and I guess he married here...he used to live in michagan and now he owns a rice company that is here so that really cool. .....
So some funny moments: This week we were "river" contacting and after we got this guys info Elder Parohinog fell into the river HaHa!! glad he could swim! Then at  the next appointment we were watching the Restoration video with this family and Elder Parohinog and the son were sitting on this wood bench it was kindof sketchy from the beginning that why I choose a different seat, hahaha but yeah half way through it broke and we couldn't stop laughing. then... um last night me and Elder Finley did a photo shoot and that was fun we made these different poses and yeah one shot was a Harry Potter tribute so I drew a lightening bolt on my forehead (see what we resort to to entertain ourselves?) and so we  just ended up with some really funny random pictures so ill send those later but  that was a good time!
So I'm going to get packing, getting ready to meet my new area and basically start a new chapter of my life here in the mission. We had a lot of less actives  come to church Sunday so that was a way cool last sunday. I bore my testimony also because it was fast and testimony so that was "estig" definitely going to miss some people and hopefully I will get to see them again.  You never know how the seeds you have planted will grow, hoping to see some results in my time here.
Shout outs:
To Dean Anderson for his mission call to Talahasse Florida, you are going to love it! Way cool!
Elder Llorens