Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 12  6-3-13

Big news this week! After being in training for 12 weeks in the Sipocot area I have been transferred to a new Area in the Iriga Zone. My new area is called Buhi right next to Buhi lake.

 Buhi is the best area in the now Naga mission, so yes I'll be staying in the Naga mission and will stay a Naga knight!  You can look up Buhi Lake on google maps and see where I will be. For those of you not familiar how the mission works, it goes like this: You train for 12 weeks with 1 companion in one area, then after your training period you are eligible to be transferred to a new companion/area every six weeks. My new Companion is Elder La'ulu from Australia  he is half Australian and half Samoan..so excited. Also excited about having a 4 elder apartment.

Benabentes Family

 So for my last week in Sipocot we kept busy but didnt' have a ton of lessons.  But I  got to see all the members in this area  for the last time. Kindof bittersweet, I will miss some of these families alot! So like half way through this week all us Elders  ran out of money so we pretty much ate all of my food from the packages I got form my birthday (thanks mom!) and yeah luckily I had money left over to last us for 4 days so we had  a lot of canned food. blech!! But I did get one last dinner at Nanays Benabentes and yeah that was good she made pork but it tasted like steak I don't know how but "eyah" it was GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! So we taught a less active this week and  we were talking to  this guy and he just starts speaking in really good english to me soo we started talking and he said he has an "auntie" who lives in SoCal and asked me if I knew where Alta Vista was..HMMM and I said it didn't sound familiar ,but it really did , (need to remember this was in like filipino accent) so later after thinking about it  I was pretty sure he probably lived in the same housing complex as me because I lived in Alta Vista, so yeah that was pretty random. I also saw an American this week in  town and started talking to him and I guess he married here...he used to live in michagan and now he owns a rice company that is here so that really cool. .....
So some funny moments: This week we were "river" contacting and after we got this guys info Elder Parohinog fell into the river HaHa!! glad he could swim! Then at  the next appointment we were watching the Restoration video with this family and Elder Parohinog and the son were sitting on this wood bench it was kindof sketchy from the beginning that why I choose a different seat, hahaha but yeah half way through it broke and we couldn't stop laughing. then... um last night me and Elder Finley did a photo shoot and that was fun we made these different poses and yeah one shot was a Harry Potter tribute so I drew a lightening bolt on my forehead (see what we resort to to entertain ourselves?) and so we  just ended up with some really funny random pictures so ill send those later but  that was a good time!
So I'm going to get packing, getting ready to meet my new area and basically start a new chapter of my life here in the mission. We had a lot of less actives  come to church Sunday so that was a way cool last sunday. I bore my testimony also because it was fast and testimony so that was "estig" definitely going to miss some people and hopefully I will get to see them again.  You never know how the seeds you have planted will grow, hoping to see some results in my time here.
Shout outs:
To Dean Anderson for his mission call to Talahasse Florida, you are going to love it! Way cool!
Elder Llorens

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  1. Love reading about your mission Seth. Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Katz