Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 14 6/16/13

So this week has been pretty good, we found 2 new investigators, estig! But the only thing so far that has been bad is the rain, or the bagyos. Everyday I have been just getting drenched form head to toe, walking through mud and yeah starting to wish I was serving in America so I could feel normal. Not Being able to have air conditioning when ever you want in 100 degress weather is horrible, taking bucket showers is not too fun, sleeping on the floor is not to fun either but I have too because its cooler that way. 
I have ants and other creatures just attacking me too which isn't too cool. The cool thing is I've lost weight due to the walking like 10 miles a day over hills, in the jungle, in rice paddies.

 I also have to hand wash all my clothes, cook my own food, can't really go to fast food restaurants out here. And the bathroom situation I just can't talk about, its too nasty.  But the work is what keeps me going. Seeing people change there lives is what keeps me going, if I know I have made a difference then I feel good. If this is what gives me the right to come home with honor then this is what I am going to do for the next 2 years, its not my time but the lords. 

Its so far the toughest thing I have ever had to deal with not so much physically but the emotional stress is killing me. I feel like I have aged at least 5 years form being here. The people here in Buhi are the bomb, my favorite is giving the kids high fives every time I see them. They think we are rock stars! Their smiles on their faces are priceless and no amount of money can buy that type of happiness. So far me and my comp are "bosses" we get along real good and yeah most of our down time is us either dancing or just messing around and most importantly working out. But yeah early this week I was on our balcony and our window is open sideways and its metal and I wasn't paying too much attention and I hit  my head on the edge and cut it open, its not to big but I definitely felt the metal inside my brain, it tickled, but yeah no stitches just poured some alcohol on it haha.
Just a small hole..

 Our area is really pretty and I really like it here.  This week I was asked to give a talk at church, I did the best I could do in Tagalog in the end I am pretty sure they understood. hmmm ano pa? every Monday we eight missionaries lift in  Iriga city and thats pretty cool. Today I got Shakeys pizza they got one here in Iriga so got myself a large. And yeah talked to a lady who used to live in San Diego while we were at the eye doctors. It was pretty fun to talk with her. This week was the last time to talk to President and Sister Bliesner they leave next week and then come our new president and his wife. Um but yeah, good week just hanging in there trying not to get bored. But yeah just wanted to say happy Fathers Day to all the dads out their, your the best! ito po lahat para sa ang lingo na ito. maaraming salamat para sa ang mga email. Engot po (Translation :this is all for this week, many thanks for the emails, good bye.)
My new companion..

Elder Llorens

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