Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 13 6-10-13

So this was a awesome week! Tuesday I went to Naga to meet my new companion. We got there early and that was cool because we got "Jolibee"  which is a filipino Mcdonalds. After we went to the mission Office to meet my new companion Elder La'ulu from Australian he's Samoan and he's pretty big!  He plays rugby, estig! Then we heeded to my new area called Buhi which is in Irigia and its the best area here in the  Naga mission. Its probably the most beautifu spot. Its this little area surrounded by mountains and it has a big lake called Buhi lake! haha I have a sweet new living quarters our house is a 2 story and from the balcony you can see Mt. Mayon the volcano. The cool thing at night its gets cold enough to use sheets! Lovin it!
View from Balcony

Me and Elder La'ulu  are sort of opening a new area. Elder Finau who is in my batch from the MTC and Elder Cawit from Negros Occidental in the Philippines are our house mates and they control the "lake sector" which is the towns around the lake and the Centro. Our job is to basically track around the hills and the jungle  work from the middle out, our are is called the "mountain sector". And yeah the last couple days right after lunch time its just been raining hard on us.Its beautiful in the morning then bam! RAIN. the last couple of days after I have come home I have been just soaked and my shoes just full of mud but its super fun especially when you have to jump over huge puddles or you have to sacrifice and walk through the "swimming pool". HAHA

The members are great and the church is really strong here.  Back in Sipocot we only had like 50 members come but here in Buhi there are 80+ and thats great! We already have a really good investigator and she's awesome, she went to church this last Sunday and after while we have been teaching her she says she's been getting goose bumps and we just tell her that's the holy ghost telling/confirming you what we are saying is true. The language is really great and the work is going to start getting harder this first week was kind of finding our area and trying to scout around because Elder La'ulu says this is the first time going to some of the farther areas outside of Buhi. But yeah good things are happening here in Buhi our meeting house has air conditioning and they are building a chapel soon so we don't have to use the meeting house so I am really excited about my new area and hope I get to stay here awhile.

This morning we went to Iriga City and thats a cool place. We played basketball with the young men and after wards did some gym time because they have one here. Then we got Mang Inasal (all you can eat rice)!!!! Also I have 2 new Buhi bags the lady does it here in Nakabuhi "Buhi" and I was excited to finally get them. My new district is Astig!!! I have 4 sisters in it .Sister Abarabar and her comp Sister Ganzagan who is being trained. Sister Tumagoy who is in my batch she's a filipina and she's training Sister Birk from Utah and we have the Zone leaders Elder Duatin and Elder Patino both Pinoys, and elder Finau who is my batch from the MTC and his comp Elder Cawit. But its funny talking to sister Birk she's just still confused thats she's in the Philippines and all that is going on around her. But yeah time has been flying here and i have been loving it!!! And also loving serving the Lord here in the  Philippines. Great things are starting to happen here in the Church and I am grateful to be a part of it in helping people to come closer to Chist by helping them to receive his restored gospel here on  Earth.

I would like to thank all of those who have supported me on my journey. And thank you to those who email me. I am sorry if I don't email you back, but i just want to say, Mahal ko po lahat sa Inyo! Nagpapasalamat para sa inyo. Alam ko na buhay and tagapaglightas at nagpapasalamat nagmymysion dito sa naga philippines mission.mahal tayo ng dios! Marami salamat! Kitikits, Engot Po kayo. (Translation I love all of you! I am thankful for all of you . I know that our savior lives and I am grateful to serve my mission here in the Naga Philippines mission. God loves us all! many thanks! See you soon. Good bye to you.)

The sign says: "Only dogs can pee here" LOL
Shout outs :

 Happy Fathers day to the best dad ever! and Thank you to all those that have served and protected our country especially WWII. (This week on Wednesday is the 

Philippines Independence Day.)

Mahal ko kayo,

Elder Llorens

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