Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 11 5/26/13

Alrighty is my update

This week was by far a good week!  We got 20 lessons in, 20! and 3 new investigators.  It is really starting to rain alot here. Every night you get to see the lightning and thunder while looking at the stars so yeah at night it gets really pretty. On Wednesday I went on exchanges with my Zone leader he's in charge of my whole zone. HIs name is Elder Kornegay and he is from Mesa Arizona and he is a boss. Basically we talked about life and about what we both miss. I talked to him a lot about the US Surf Open and all the crazy cool things you can do in California and he's told me about all the cool things you can do in Arizona. So that was way fun totally got a little home sick but it was way fun to hang out with and American in the Philippines and talk about guy. The next day we needed to open 
the church up for another district meeting in our zone. And on the way to the church on the bus they had Iron Man 3 playing on the bus. What the heck? I got way jealous so we started talking about movies that came out when he was on the mission and he wanted to know how the Dark Knight rises was and I told him about that and what not. So the next day was Thursday and we just had regular District meeting with the Zone leaders and that was cool. Afterward we got Mango/Manga shakes that are literally the best thing my lips have ever tasted in my life it  "felt good on my Lips"!!! We had a young man in our ward get his mission call to the Cebu Philippines east mission so that was way cool he's going to speak Cebuano; I'm so happy for him. So the food is still a struggle, If you are reading this have pity on me because I literally have nothing good to eat (LOL) send me american food, because I just used my last macaroni and cheese and Pop tarts. Boo hoo!  But last night I had some good chop suey so not complaining to loud and on Friday night I usually make some fried chicken and lemonade so yeah the only thing is missing  is just french fries. But I'll survive.
This upcoming week we get new companions and find out about  transfers. Hopefully I get transferred to the legaspi mission but pretty sure its not going to happen.Where ever I end up I will work hard and make the best of it. Saturday me and Elder Finley went on exchanges and that was fun we worked pretty hard and of course it starts raining on us and both of us forgot our "payos" = umbrellas. So we got a little wet, haha!
So here is my funny moment for the week.  I was speaking English to Elder Jacobson and since I don't speak English very much funny things tend to come out of my mouth! Wait that happened even when I spoke English every day, oh well anyway.. I was trying to tell Elder J that my dad was the "Chief Of Police" instead I said "peace of leaf"! Hmmm? 

So here are some shout outs :

Happy Birthday Shelby!
Congratulations Dylan Moh! Spokane Washington Mission totally cool!
The one and only Brian Sutherland, loving my sticks!

Keep the email coming, they are super encouraging!!

Mahal Ko po Kayo
Elder Llorens  ( thumbs up Sign)( hang Loose Sign) Winkey face;)

MUAh MUAh chup chup

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