Monday, May 20, 2013

President Blisner and missionaries


So this week was good and bad.  On Tuesday I was super homesick after talking to my family on Monday for Mothers Day.  It rained all of Monday so we couldn't do laundry and ended up doing it on Tuesday instead.  We did go out on Monday, we used the skates (I am still working on getting a picture) then hiked up this big hill to get to a members house.  During our visit she gave us like 15 pounds of bananas, we had to haul home..we were dragging!  Once we were home we got haircuts, I will have to admit, not my best one. They use straight razors here which is cool I like the way they feel, but I don't like not knowing if you will survive the shave and haircut or die, from a shaky hand..hahaha.
That night we went to sleep to the sound of more rain and thunderstorms.  The next day we had zone conference, that was the best part of my week getting to see my good friends from the training center again Elder Finau and Elder Pickford, and got to meet some new missionaries. While we were there you guessed it, it started raining again.  At zone conference we celebrated all the May birthdays and we each got a snickers bar.  I need it!!  I have lost 15 pounds..poor food quality and nasty water will do that to you.  :/ When zone conference was over we headed to the mall, and I finally found re-fried beans and taco seasoning! That was legit!!  We ate McDonalds and hung out for a while singing songs and just talking.

So we finally headed out to the buses and we ran into our whole zone, I guess the busses had stopped running so we called our leaders and they came down and got us.  We fit 17 missionaries in a 12 passenger van, Hey you got to do what you have to do.  It was a fun ride and we even stopped and got ice cream from a 7-11.
So I told you we found someone to do our cooking, so I dropped off my refried beans and taco mix to her and we had a glorious meal!!  On Friday there was like a fiesta going on so we got to eat alot of food, but didn't really have any appointments that day because everyone was partying.  We went out to the town of Brcy, and had a lesson and found a new investigator.  That was cool because I got to teach and I could tell my language is getting better. After we taught her she told us that she is moving so that was sad..On the way home I got to ride top load (on top of the vehicle ) I almost got a ticket for this once at school haha, but here it is legal so there! It was cool. We also had a lesson with these little boys.  They are awesome they take care of themselves all day, feed themselves watch the house and do work around the house, they were super cool!
So Sunday was no fun, I was suppose to give a baby blessing but the  Area President decided to do it instead, which was fine but then I got told to give a last minute talk and there was jsut a lot of drama going on that created stress and more stress for me!! But thats basically how it is on your mission, stressful and how well you deal with it is how well you will do on your mission.  It is soooo hard, let me tell you! But worth it.

Please keep the emails coming, they are keeping me sane!  I know I keep saying that but they are.
Okay I will talk to you guys soon.

Elder Llorens

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