Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 72

Week 72

New Companion and Good Food

So this week was okay... On tuesday I got to pick up my new companion in Naga and I got to eat McDonalds for breakfast and pizza hut for lunch.... I was so full. I also got to see basically all my friends in the whole mission and got to hang out with them for half the day. So Elder Jalocon is my new companion and actually was my room mate in my last area in San Jose so we have been just telling stories from the past to each other. 

The first day together we did service at a members house, I played with a baby goat that day and unfortunately killed a duck.... the house we did service at didn't had anyway to repay us so we ate duck for lunch.... it was actually really good. I went really hard that day during service... they gave me an ax to cut down trees.... I got a sweet blood blister. But I drank unfiltered water for lunch.... so that night I paid for it.... so the next day we did more work and service and the day after we had a district meeting then later went to Pili to withdraw money and grocery shop. When we got  home my companion put his grocery bag on my bunk bed and I was still feeling bad from the water so I laid down.... that night at like 2 o clock in the morning I felt something furry on my feet so I shined my flashlight at my foot and I saw like 4 freaking rats right on my feet.... SO that was not fun... happened like 3 times that night..... So yeah not fun.... not to many lessons this week but we have 2 progressing investigators one of them is getting ready to be baptized at the end of the month and the other one is super nice... her husband is a member. I had a great opportunity to give her baby a name and a blessing. While we were giving her little baby a blessing she started to cry so it was a fun experience. 


 Last night we had a family home evening and played a game and if you lost you had to put charcoal on your face.... I basically looked like an Apache hahaha way fun. So i think this week is going to be really good.  I am doing good, the health is somewhat okay but I am just here having some fun doing everything I can here in the Philippines. But thanks everyone for all the messages you send me they are always awesome. Later this week we have more parties here with the members. So the fun continues . Also I am going to have a knife made here in our area because there is a blacksmith: the handle of the knife is going to be horns from a water buffalo... so hopefully we get pictures of it this week. but I think this is it for this week... thanks all! 

Elder Llorens

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