Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 73

Week 73

Downed tree from typhoon 

didn't make it...

So this week turned out pretty good...On Tuesday we started out the day by walking up this mountain to start trying to find new people to teach... maybe I'll take a picture next time of this road that leads up all the way to the mountain. So we started just to talk to some people and it turned out they knew some of the members so they said we can go back and teach them WOO! and we also got to teach some of the our investigators from before... we just haven't had a chance to teach them because of the typhoon... So one of the pictures I sent was me on a tree that fell down.... in the back ground that's Mt. Iriga or Mt. Asog I think its the same mountain... but yeah we taught a really great lesson to that family... our topic was about families so it sort of made me miss home but it was a super great lesson.... mean while we still have no electricity here in my area.... so its super hot... can't drink cold water and can't use my fan when we go home... so its been a little hot to sleep at night. They say it might be a little while until it comes back... they say October... I think its a joke (I hope) but its literally our little town that we live in that has no power... so the lessons have been going good we have a new investigator and she is really cool... her name is Sister Cherry her husband is a member but she isn't... she really likes our lessons with her so hopefully we can get her to progress to baptism. But this week me and my companion helped this one family who are members to rebuild there house... So what we did is get a bunch of palm tress and carry it to their new home which probably estimates about 150 yards away but you have to walk up a hill and down a hill and through a rice feild... so I basically carried the load for us... but it was a decent 100 pounds per bundle... reminded me of football practice. 

A little shaky..

The umbrella definitely helped LOL

Later that day we had a party for an anniversary of a father who died, his family throws a party every year so it was nice to drink nice fresh coconut water and juice.... that was a good day. Another fun thing happened yesterday, our gas ran out for cooking so my boy scout skills came into handy... we made a fire to cook rice and other meat and water... so we did not starve. But again this week has been great we also had zone training and it was great to see the rest of the new missionaries here in the mission and my friends.  This has been an all around good week. Thanks to all that has wrote me. your emails are always awesome. Til next week.

Elder Llorens

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