Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 70- The Aftermath

Week 70

Hi all, no official update from Elder Llorens this week.  Typhoon Rasmussen or Glenda as the Filipino people call, it hit last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here is a news clip:

Residents in the Philippines on Friday (July 18) repaired houses and began assessing damage to infrastructure, after Typhoon Rammasun swept across the country. Fifty-four people have died, and three are reported missing, disaster officials said. The storm destroyed about 7,000 houses and damaged 19,000, the executive director of the National Disaster Agency, Alexander Pama, has said. More than 530,000 people had taken refuge in evacuation centres, official figures showed.

We did not hear from Seth on Sunday, but heard from him last night that he is okay.  He had to travel to Naga to find working internet, and it was very sporadic.  His Mission President sent this email:

We have lost power and Internet to 80 percent of our mission. All of our missionaries are safe. 

We know that his house was damaged, but he was in an evacuation location during the storm.  He said that they have been helping the people with repairs, but that his area was ravaged by the storm.  Thank you everyone for the continued prayers and support.


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