Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 68

Week 68

Sister Lilia Baptism

Well this was a great week. This last Saturday our investigator Sister Lilia was baptized, she decided to be baptized at the last minuet, which was really cool. She texted us and told us she wanted to do it. So that was a great day! We paid the Bishop in Tigaon to drive us from San Ramon to the Ocampo chapel and even cooler her mom who is a less active member showed up  to her baptism also.  Earlier that day we met some other people possibly interested in the church... We blessed their home and basically walked an hour just to get to their house and had to walk back..... not fun but worth it. One of the other days I went on exchanges and I saw literally the biggest tree ever!  It was awesome. I took a picture in front of it while all these random people were starring at me.... a little awkward. 

The biggest tree ever!

And yesterday I participated in naming and blessing a baby that was really sweet, instead of being calm the little girl wouldn't stop crying and wiggling while we were blessing her hahaha.  But the not so fun this week might be the 2 night in a row that we have and brown outs from 10 at night till like 10 in the morning I got a ton of mosquito bites and haven't gotten good sleep in a while so I look like a mess ahaha . And I got sick 2 nights also so this weeks work has been a little slow but its all good we have been busy for sure trying to get things done here. But I am pretty pumped I officially got my acceptance letter to BYU-Idaho so thats going to be fun for sure! Can't wait to take my talents there..... my talents are currently killing rats and giant spiders and walking for miles ahahaha. The work is awesome this week so far is one of my favorite ones of my whole mission. Definitely worth it being here and teaching people about the gospel and strengthening my own testimony. I am hoping this week will be a lot better than last week.  Later tonight we have 2 lessons set up so hopefully those don't fall through. But I love the emails from everyone they are so awesome and encouraging to hear from you and all of you accomplishments also. You are always in my prayers. But thanks everyone again for all of your support and cheering me one. But I gotta go now, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Elder Llorens

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