Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 69

Week 69

This week was pretty great... I didn't get sick so I think that was the best of the best..... but yeah this week we actually got a lot of good work in.... we found a couple of new people to teach now... funny thing is that they are all related each other.... basically its a small town every knows each other type of thing. But yeah super good week and the work is progressing. We had a lot of good lessons with investigators and some other members in the area. And because the members here are legit and they always work with us, we try and  give our support back to them by helping to  work in the palayan (rice field) with them.... just pulling weeds and things like that.... but its a hard job definitely got in a good work out for my hands and forearms.... the next day I had a blister on my hands, I guess thats the sign of hard work. 

Working the fields with  Ernie!

But I also got a chance to work with some of the other elders... Elder Joaquin and I worked in my area and had a good time teaching our people. But the worst of the worst for this week had to be the brown outs every day, 3 nights in a row with brown outs. You might be wondering why its a big deal... the big deal is its still like 90 degrees at night and to top it off there are millions of mosquitoes eating you alive... so I wouldn't be surprise if some weird disease is in me.... so that has been just terrible. We got a text from our leaders that we are going to have a Typhoon hit our region tomorrow so we have to be ready to evacuate tomorrow. So this should be interesting, considering our area is in the middle of no where and we don't have a 2 story house where we are suppose to hide in ahaha. So yeah hopefully its not a bad one. But this week has been good and hopefully the week coming up will be awesome like this week.Its awesome to see the blessing and miracle happening here in the Philippines. Thanks again for all the support.

Elder Llorens

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