Monday, November 24, 2014

week 88

Week 88

So this is now my last official week proselyting in the Philippines. It is really sad but I am super happy that I had about 2 years to do this for the Lord and for everyone else. So this last week for some reason turned out to be really fun. I think the funniest thing that happen this last week was a drunk guy came to church for all 3 hours and the best part was him singing Joy to the World at the top of his voice. super funny. But yeah this last week was a little hard at the beginning of the week but it turned out to be better as the week went on. The best so far has been our work finding new investigators. We also had some fun going on exchanges with some other elders. Yesterday was nice I got to go to a foreigners house, he's from Denmark I think but his step son is a member from here but less active. I got to eat some left over cake and leche flan so that was really nice as well. Another funny and embarrassing thing that happen is that we had to go to one of our different  far areas for a mission related thing, and when I went to get on a jeepney I accidentally head butted a girl... (not to hard) in the head, it was like a little thing but it was really embarrassing. I really felt bad because she was really embarrassed as well but I did all I think I could to say I was sorry, but yeah. This week was just really fun too a lot of random small things happened. The crazy thing is that basically I get to go home next week and be normal again thats going to be weird. Another fun thing is I'm going to go on a lot of exchanges this week to get my mind off of things and just make this last week fun. But thanks everyone again for all you have done from the beginning til now you are the bomb and I'll see you soon.
Elder Llorens

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