Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 32

Week 32

Hey so I've got to get this one short because I am e-mailing from the mission home. But Long story short my companion got sick and might have dengue fever. He got sick on Thursday and has  just been getting worse. He's been super light headed and has a pretty good fever, chills, a lot of sweat, and he has blown chunks a few times. But hey its okay, he just looks like he just got hit by a train. UGH!  So Sunday I took him to The E.R. but  that was weird doing it all in Tagalog. And honestly I never took my own self to the E.R. so it was a sweet experience, definitely boosted my week. (mom where are you??JK) So yeah tomorrow I get to take him back and get another Blood test and urine test so that should be just great. Really hoping its not Dengue fever because the recovery is long and slow.  But yeah  I have been really bored this week since Thursday.  I've been just watching all those new bible videos on  and watched conference talks again on my usb. But hey its been fun taking care of a sick person. Feeding him and kind of dressing him and giving him medicine. When one missionary is down his companion stays with him, no one is left behind!!  It just makes for a long days since we are limited on what we can do.

Before he got sick  the work was going great ! If we would have kept up how we were going the first part  of the week we would have broken our number for the highest amount of lessons. But hey its all good thankful that we are working to get him some what better. But  I have to take him back home he's not looking so good at the moment, Thanks for all the email sorry if i didn't get a chance to email back.

 Love you bye

Elder Llorens

Side Note:  Seth told us that the earthquake did not affect where he is at.  But that he has roommates from Cebu who haven't heard from their families. He said they are hoping for the best.

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