Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 29

Week 29

Appointment Time

Okie dokie I know I keep saying  this but.. it  was a great week once again. The only thing that has been horrible is  I lost my umbrella and I have been getting some gnarly head aches from the weather here because it'll be sunny in the morning then lunch time comes around and it is pouring, 3oclock is sunny then 3 hours later its pouring again soo I am stuck in inception I guess... can't get out unless you kill me so

 The work is awesome I love it here and am no longer home sick. I'm just having fun really and just enjoying my time here. I want to  share that when we walking home from an appointment my trainee got whacked in the face from an airsoft gun. HEHE... and speaking of guns we stole some nerf guns from some other elders and we had a serious fire fight in our apartment and it was way legit.  It's the little things that keep us sane.

Food Adventures..Funny thing I ate chicken feet for the second time here on my mission it's okay, the  taste differs really depending on how it s prepared. Sometimes they cook it in this sauce here called adobo and its glorious, but chicken feet are just mostly skin and little to zero meat  but its good.  My favorite meal here by the way is called bicol express. (Wish I knew what it was but he didn't say :()

The teaching has been good.  We had  like 2 dinner appointments this week and a Family Home Evening so that was legit. So different, better than not really have dinner appointments. I'm thankful to be in an area with so many members.

 I went to this place here in Naga called Marantz and they customize suits and pants so I ordered a custom pant for only 15 $ so well see how it goes. I should get them next week. And when I leave I'm getting a custom suit with a flag of the philippines on it so its going to be awesome. Uh huh!

 Elder Relf and I are just on fire! We are  living the life, reading the scriptures everyday and praying and sharing messages to all who want to hear.  Training life's good, busy and fun can't complain.

 I would like to give a shout out to the Brian Sutherland who did a legit triathlon and tore it up. If your wondering how I know I have some hook ups...CIA no big deal.   I hope all is good I think about you all, all the time and miss you wish you all the best. Shoot me an email about questions and that goes to people that don't know me and are preparing to go to the Philippines and want to know about some stuff, anyways. thanks again...
Only easy day was yesterday.
Elder Pogi Llorens

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