Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 25

Week 25 September 2, 2013

So its been a really great week here in the Philippines. I ended up getting transfered and  opening a new area and training all at once so its a little frustrating.  But it's all worth it because I am now finally assigned sa NAGA; wooo the City!  I have everything; a good apartment with air conditioning at night and all the restaurants; but all i need is more money a and a car!

The ward is awesome and super cool a lot of support and yeah just loving it right now but  the work is going to be hard. All of those non dinner appointments are going to pay off... got a dinner appointment at 7 and its going to be delicious!!!!! 

I worked for a little bit in Milaor; its about 15 mins out of Naga City and that was cool a good area. It's super fun to be a training elder; so far its a great experience my "anak" child or trainee is Elder Relf from Sandy Utah.  He's awesome and a good missionary. It's hard determining our area boundaries and just finding stuff but its cool well figure it out. The weather is still hot and humid and rains once in a while during the week. I'm really liking the air conditioning at night time but its soon going to end our apartment is really far from our area so we have to commute a little farther than we want. There were 6 elders in an apartment including Elder Finley again. We are going to get an apartment closer to our assigned area so its easier to get to. 

Its been great here in the mission; I gave my testimony this last Sunday at church, saying the Church is true and that I'm loving the land and the people and I know that the Lord is truly hastening his work, that God knows each and everyone one of us personally and wants the best for us. 

Its been a great week and I'm sure this week is going to be better. Thanks for the emails this week they were awesome but I can't write back a lot; I need to get ready for later. I love you all and thanks you all for the encouragement and the support.

Elder Llorens

P.S. and funny you should mention christmas; guess what christmas starts right now in the philippines. Until christmas (Is that weird?) so they are going to be playing random christmas songs soon hahaha. 

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