Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 27

Week 27

Okay so this week was stellar. Well, first we didn't have too many lesson because all of or most of our lessons are with females and we're not allowed to go in to the house unless there is a responsible male there,  so no bastos can happen. SO yeah that was a bummer so we tried tracking... that didn't work out so well either. But I have a hook up and I ordered one of those Illegal Chinese lasers and its legit it can be seen so far,, just kidding but I got your attention! But yeah I made pancakes a lot this week I have it down to a science, bananas and brown sugar is the secret. I also made tacos the other day and yes those were glorious also. This week everyone in our apartment got really sick. (my cooking?)  NO, it was really bad headaches, sore throats, runny noses, and ache joints. There's a really bad dengue virus going around but I dont think we got it, if we had it we would just want to shoot ourselves, we have some missionaries in the hospital from it and they are in pretty bad shape. But yeah we're slowly getting better.  Cool story we are partying to Christmas songs in September and its pretty fun makes it feel like its November. We went working yesterday and yeah its like 830 at night we just got done with a lesson and we wanted to go home but there was one more less active house in this area and it was a little walk we decided what the heck lets try it. The parents weren't there but the daughter who is a member was there and her "friend". Long story short the "friend" has been taught all the lesson and believes everything and hopefully he'll get baptized in October. So yeah blessings from working when we were sick. GO team Onan. At the same time in our area we are trying to look for a new building so that the members can go  to church closer to where they live because now they have to take a 2 ride system going one way to church and its really expensive for them. So me and Elder Relf are being awesome and  trying to find a good meeting house so they can go to church more easily. Elder Relf and I  are just being bosses and taring it up here but at the same time being very classy, but none the less we are  knocking down doors, LOL.
Thats all for now thanks for all the emails. 

mahal ko kayo lahat.

Elder Llorens  peace

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