Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 26

Week 26

So this has been a really sweet week. We finally saw our whole area, now we dont need to coordinate with other elders too see when they are free to show us around.  The work is good took, I took Elder Relf out for the first couple of days and showed him how to tract and honestly not too bad. We did really well and it was a fun experience. Together we are just having a blast.  At night time were having a blast with the Zone Leaders and  the supply elders. We just mess around,  it mostly involves make shift air soft guns, darts and poker on Friday, haha just kidding or am I?
Me and my companion and the zone leaders in the car

 We had Zone training this week and it was fun, I got to see who all is in our Zone.  So yeah the rumors are true, Christmas starts in September and yeah Im already in the Christmas spirit.! But  this week is Pena Francia which is the fiesta here in NAGA and its a huge party they have like a gold pyramid here and when they have the  parade anyone who touches it becomes healed. We probably will not  be allowed to work because it literally happens where our apartment is and were not going to be able to get through the crowds! Its going to be awesome to watch , but I bet its going to get weird too! Any ways the Catholic church does it and they think they will be healed when they touch it. i I'll try and get some gnalry pictures of it. There's probably going to be some "patays"  so that'll just add to the awesomeness. 

 We would have had a lot of lessons this week but all of our ward missionaries bailed on us everyday .... it was bakla. But we got to ride with President Reeder,our mission President, this week and show him our area because they are thinking of putting a group here. It would be closer to go to church in our area than driving into Naga every Sunday. It's so exciting the church is growing, but the bad thing is that we would have to change apartments and that means no air so  we'll see what happens.  That would also mean no more restaurants either.  I'm pretty sure I'm gaining weight back since there's a McDonald's in our area and restaurants that are flippin really "masirup" great. 

Anyways yes its raining and humid so nothing has changed with the weather.   Umm this last Sunday was Stake conference here and this chapel or "stake center" was packed and we had people in every room listening to the speakers and it was great. So we are going to need a new stake center here in Naga. So cool the Church is growing here and the only real obstacle  is the expenses to come to church. A lot more people would come if they could financially afford to.  Transportation can be expensive into the city.  This week has been sweet thanks for all fo the emails again. I have the best friends ever!  Thanks again and I'll See you later my NAGA's

Elder "POGI" Llorens

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