Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 24

Week 24

So this has been a very wild week for me and my companions. Today it flooded really bad. I woke up to my companions saying, "ohhh no that's not good."  I get up and I was like this isn't good. We looked form the balcony and saw our whole area was flooded and was continue to flood. 

So that's why you need a 72 hours kit here. We had to text the APs for their advise. I asked our apartment landlord and her family if we needed to leave and they said in an hour it will go down. I had my doubts...  but it went down in an hour so it was fine.  I got some funny pictures.

I went to take a picture in a tree, when I went to put my foot up, all of a sudden I saw an Ahas or snake.. so yeah didn't climb it. 

Went to Iriga got food now I'm here. SO  I found out that I'm training and opening a new area again. So yes the stress continues big time. This whole week we were focusing on our baptismal canidate for this Saturdays baptism, but we had some set backs and I wont be the one to baptize her. I'm  really really bummed for that because I've been teraching her for like 3 months and now I'm transfered. So I didn't take that very well... because i ended up buying a new Canon camera, Super sick hopefully you can see the difference form the pictures.

 But tomorrow I leave for Naga and then Thursday I report to the Mission Home so that's when I find out about my new companion and my new area. Get to work in an other area for one day while I wait.  I'll have 3 other companions working with me there, one of them Is Elder Cawit  I've been working with here in Buhi with him but he transfered also. So yeah Elder Cawit, ME and the elder that I'm following right now Elder Lapana are now Buntis or pregnant (term used when they start training a new missionary) so were going to have our new kids soon. So yeah pretty crazy.  But yeah I am really disappointed that I'm leaving this area I really loved it here and the people so I hope the new Elders replacing us feel the way that me and Elder Cawit did. But I'm excited hopefully my area is a good one and so is my kid.  

Thanks for the emails from everyone they are really great. And shout out to the Jake "the snake" Levine who was in the hospital. Your a knuckle head. Hope everyone is good and I'll talk to you guys next week.


Elder Llorens

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