Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 21

Week 21

Disclaimer from mom: the blog is not in the correct order because I somehow skipped a week :( So be sure to read the previous entry to catch up, it's a good one!!

New Companions!

So another great week. This week we were able to meet everyone in our zone and we had a zone confrence with our new President and the APPs and that was a really sweet experience and yeah I played the piano not to bad. Afterward we feasted on fried chicken and that was flippin good!

 The week was slow due to the elements there was a lot of rain and none of our drivers that drive the triceys wanted to take us to our area and our area is too far to walk maybe 2 hour walk and that wouldn't have worked out because it was raining so hard. So one of the people we were going to teach lives across this bridge but the bridge that goes to her house got washed away so hopefully the weather is better this week. 

 We had a really good lesson this week with one of our investigaotrs and it was the first time I taught about the first vision and  The Restoration of the church.. ibinabumbalik ang simbahan. That was a really great experience one that I can't really explain that well but it was definitely a great experience.  This is one of the reasons why I'm here for sure. But yeah not to many crazy things happened lately,  just some funny bathroom stories that I dont think I can talk about, not about me but my room mates and yeah a funny story about me doing push ups but that will have to be told another day haha. 

 Congrats to my cousin who finished basic. And I hate all of you who are having a great summer. But thank you all for the awesome emails. You are all great and keep them up!!!

 OO astig ng lingo na ito. at thankful ako para sa lahat ng kayo.lahat kayo ay sobrung mangandand mga kaibigan sa akin and mamaiss ko kayo. but mahal ko lahat kayo. sige na ingot kayo  No translation provided :(

Elder "POGI" Llorens

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  1. yes! This week was so good.And so much thankful to all of you. All of you are my good friends and i miss you all. but I love you all. ok Take Care :)