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Week 19 July 22,2013

Week 19


So alot has happened this last week. On tuesday we went to Naga city to meet our new companions, Elder LA'ulu my companion and Elder Finau are getting transfered and Elder Cawit is Buntis/pregnant ,haha, he's going to train.So yeah got to see my Batch Elder Pickford and he's going to train and Sister Hurst and Sister Barlow are training. So the transfers came around I was Called/Promoted to senior so this means I will follow up a fairly new missionary. I am going to be his follow up right after he got with his training, at this moment my heart sank and I got pretty terrified because this means I am going to be a follow up right after I got done with my follow up. But he's a cool guy, my new companion is Elder Lapana from Samoa. So yeah another Poly From Samoa as my companion. Might as well become an Uce..."for the Boys" "Duck Quakers". So yeah a really scary assignment considering elder Lapana just gone with training and isn't that good at Tagalog yet and I have to train him and open a new area. So a little stressful. But i am grateful for it.

On top of the world!

 Elder Cawit is training an American Elder Etough from Utah hes legit! He's a sports guy like me and likes duck dynasty so he's the man... he's a pogi now. And yeah so they are now part of the Buhi boys fraternity and I was told because of so many missionaries there might be 2 more elders coming sooner or later! So yeah super cool. But  like I said our area was terrible since we split areas last transfer so we would average like 7 lessons a week but i want to leave this area better then where i found it and we were able to get 17 lessons this week!
 3 new investigators and 5 less actives come to church. this is good considering 65 of the Buhi members that go to church only 6 came from our area. So this week has been actually good a lot better than my last weeks. But yeah it was weird when I started just talking to people, random people I was able to speak and they understood and we got return appointments to their houses and I was able to teach them their family and friends. I know this is through the power of the holy ghost and the gift tongues. 2 nephi 33;3. And this is the blessing of being exactly obedient. When teaching these people you know when you are teaching that this is what they need and you literally are the ones teaching them and you are  the one they trust... a pretty big responsibility and a lot of pressure and stress. But I know when you are on the lord errand he will shape the back to place the burden placed upon it. Its definitely a hard assignment but the Lord doesn't give easy assignments. But yeah just gotta hang tough and never quit.

I have a testimony of this work and am grateful for it. I would like to give a shout out to my pops Happy Birthday I love you and I hope you have a great day. Buut yeah Iriga got a lot of new missionaries this last transfer everyone but me and the Zls are training. But the cool thing is that 2 Elders are from Anahiem so yeah they are cool they are half Samoan and something else I forgot but  they are legit... of course!  I am totally bummed that I can't go to the US Surf open this week but what evers there's always summer 2015.....haha bummer I lose.

 Thanks for the email sorry if I couldn't email all of you back but yes thank you for the emails they are really encouraging! Thank you. Oh and Remember that if your having a rough day that you have a loving heavenly father that loves you more than you can comprehend!

Engot kayo

Elder Llorens

"it will all be worth it"

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