Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 20

Week 20

Okay so another good week this week. Not a ton of lessons like we wanted  but we ended up doing a lot of service for people. Another cool thing that happened is we got another 2 new investigators and got a referral! So yeah thats like the high light of my week. The service was fun. We pulled a lot of weeds and made food for this family because their son is getting ready to leave for his mission. 

 On Saturday we had a branch family home evening and I gave the lesson and that was cool we had some fun games that we played and I just looked like a goof to be honest. But it was a blast. Then on Sunday I gave a last minute talk on service and I think I did really good my whole talk was in Tagalog and they looked like they were understanding me, they didn't give me that weird look like what the heck is this guy sayin haha. So I felt good about it. 

Its been raining on and off. And yeah its currently raining really hard!  So it rains here and then it gets super sunny and nice out, so I'm convinced that the weather  is  bipolar over here!   Every time we come back from Iriga we always ride on top of the jeepney but honestly as soon as we get 5 mins on the rode it just pours on us and it sucks. We get drenched but its really fun. We'll probably still ride top load haha. 

 This young man is so far my favorite kid to go on a mission, so I bought him a sweet Vans hat and a flash drive for his pictures and music. I gave that to him earlier today. He's going to do good. So our house is super fun me, Elder Lapana and Elder Eatough like messing around especially to Elder Cawit haha.(so that means we pick on him) . But its still pretty hard becoming a senior companion. I feel so new myself.   I'm still trying to make my area better. Since we are opening up an area its hard but its all good I have seen the blessings and its been super great. I can easily say this is the best time of my life!

 I hope all those who were affected by the Train Crash in Spain are okay, you are in my prayers. And a shout out to my boy Garrett Wolfe Happy birthday! Well this week was good and I expect next week to be better. We have Zone conference for all the missionaries in our Zone and I was asked to play the Piano, uh oh!  So we'll see how this goes! Wish me Luck! Anyways Thanks for all the email they are awesome. Love you all. Til next week. 

Engot kayo

Elder Llorens

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