Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 17

week 17
View from top of mountain

Alrighty, so this was another great week. I have one more week left and I get a new companion, so far this has been the fastest transfer and hopefully it keeps up like this. 

So lets see this morning I had a zone activity at the beach because our zone had the cleanest apartments and it was a blast! The beach was white and the ocean was just flippin sweet made me miss home really bad and I was deffinitely debating going into the water. It was super  fun  we played some beach volleyball and played pass with the rugby ball and spent time with the missionaries in the zone and my new president. 

 My new president is great and so is his wife. We went to Naga on friday to meet them and I was able to see my former companion and my last zone and it looked like they were doing great. It was good to catch up on the happenings from when I was last there. Got to meet my brother in the mission he's cool. So that was fun, afterward I went to the mall and bought 4 Mcdonald hamburgers and a large fry and the next morning I was just dying..ugh I haven't had that in soo long my stomach felt like it was going to blow up. it kind of did. 

Umm..lets see on 4th of july I couldnt find any fireworks so I ended up climbing a mountain instead and that was intense. We just got a machete and got a guide to take us up and yeah we literally made our own path up. It was cool you could see our whole area the buhi lake and Iriga city but then it started raining and we booked it off , almost fella couple times but it was all good.  We got big coconut leaves and that was our umbrella sows hiked all the way to the top and  then ran down and walked home, and we decided that since its raining and we are already wet might as well just run home in the rain. so yeah happy 4th of July. 
Top of the mountain

The others in Buhi got 3 batismal interviews this last week so they are going to hopefully have 3 baptisms next saturday. so thats whats up. So far that's it me and  Elder Finau went out together on our exchanges so that was cool, we have been out for the same time and yeah we went solo and we did pretty good understood a lot.  Thats the other cool thing, I have been having conversations with people so yeah thats cool I can talk to people sort of now, so looks like I am progressing in the language. but yeah besides that nothing has really happened this week.During exploration day on July the 4th me and Elder la'ulu found this river and a bridge and the river is full of lillies and I thought it was pretty neat. any ways thats all. Thanks for all the emails, again they are most appreciated.

Bridge with Lillies below


Elder Llorens

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