Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 23

Week 23
Getting ready for dinner..

This week was really strange, So Monday was legit got to play basketball in Iriga again and I was showing off my Kobe Bryant magic, but like Kobe I injured my ankle so its killing me. Tuesday we went to our far area to teach one of our less actives and we had a really great lesson, it was good but it took us all day to get come back because there was no tricey so we decided to walk 30 mins later we started running away from this storm that was chasing us but we weren't that fast, it  caught us. so yeah  we just got wet again...  Wednesday was good  we taught the little girl we were going to baptize so that was legit. But  Wednesday was the highlight of my week. we challenged 2 of our investigators to baptism  and they both accepted and one of them I personally found. I was just feeling awesome can't really explain the feeling when they said yes. The next day I gave the workshop in our district meeting and it went really well and it was fun. On friday we went back to the investigator that were were going to baptize this Saturday if everything goes smoothly.  we also went to one of the less actives that have been less active since like 2006 and we had to cross  a sketchy bridge it was  50ft in the air and everytime we walked across it something fell off of it. I had to literally help elder Lapana over it.. he's scared of heights hahaha. Anyways I got a text from the investigator that I personally found and she said you guys can't come to the appointment because she is at the bus stop going to Manila to work there and she doesn't know when she's going to be back... My heart was crushed this means basically all the lessons we taught her went out the window just like that. I'm trying to get her address so I can contact the Elders in manila. But yeah I am crushed. Sunday the other investigator didnt go to church we waited at her house for an hour to talk to her she wasn't their on the way back however we saw a member and he called us over and introduced us to a friend so we got a refferal 5 minutes later. Estig! We saw him again talking to someone different he invited us to talk to them its a girl and a grandpa, the daughter spoke perfect english to me....  I found out the grandpa was a contractor and had built some of our churches so its a good lead it made up from the crappy week.   I have been reading the Book of Mormon this week and it has been helping me out a lot. On Saturday I see if I'm going to stay, get transfered or train so this is going to be a good week hopefully. As always thanks to  everyone for the email they always make me feel great . 

Elder Llorens

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