Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 66 New Area

Week 66

Well this week has been good. So I got on the bus with everyone but was one of the first off when we got to the crossing to my new area, there I met my new companion Elder Guevarra. Then we took a 30 minute tricy to the new area. So the area is nothing but jungle and rice fields and a bunch of random little huts. We got to the house and yeah its not that nice we cleaned it up so it doesn't look to bad now. So its hot and I want some water so I am privileged to pump my water everyday and to top it off the water is bad so that night I got sick. But we went to a family home evening with one of the only members here, the Dacer family. They are really cool. So for the area is flippin huge so its nothing but walking and thats a bummer because there is no transportation here. So walking up the hills and falling in the rice fields have become a habit. My pants are completely muddy.... But the teaching here is good we got a couple of investigators here and actually have one of them ready to be baptized in 2 more weeks so hopefully that works out. But yeah here's a funny story we went to a graduation for a couple of our members and investigators, it started to rain and the Zone leaders told us to be careful if we were going to work today. As soon as we started walking to the graduation it started to pour on us. Then as soon as we got there it  became a little typhoonish, the wind was so strong and the rain was coming down hard they were about to cancel the graduation, but it stopped in a a couple of hours so that was fun waiting out the storm. We were able to support our members and investigators. One of the members owns the school so we were invited to eat with them , we were lucky because we had no food at the house and there is no where here to buy food... sooo not to shabby... 

so church is interesting.... in my area its not a ward , a branch or a group.... its only a special sacrament because there are only a few members here and its super far to the closest church building so we are renting out this building thats super hot. But yesterday was the highest count of people that came 29... so good day. But besides that we got punted (no lessons) all of yesterday .... no work but its okay we are just trying to make the best of the situation right now.  We are going to work hard this upcoming week. We have 2 new investigators this week and one of them came to church so that made us happy. So far so good. My kabahay or roommates are cool as well. Elder Dela Cruz and Elder Joaquin. We are having fun, so far we are having spider fights every night if there is no brown out.... it's been brownouts everyday so far ahaha. But this is such a cool experience, this area has a whole different bicol language so all the studying in my last area.... for nothing a haha .... I'm basically in survivor mode. But thanks to everyone who are still continuing to support me. You are the best and I'll talk and see you all soon again.

Ingat sa inyo lahat!!! :)

elder Llorens

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