Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 65 Transferred

Week 65

Area Missionaries

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Hey all, well this has been a crazy week but a good one. Saturday night I found out I am getting transferred after being here for 6  and a half months. But I thought I  was going to go somewhere far from this area, my leaders called me last night and I am going to be transferred somewhere pretty close to here a place where I have to pump water and there is no transportation so I have to walk ridiculously far to places to teach people because its basically in the middle of no where so I am not so stoked.  But  I guess its a really progressing area. It's only 4 elders in that area, no church but they have a super small meeting house so this is going to be a freaking crazy time. But it was really hard saying goodbye to all the people here in San Jose. A lot of good memories here and its going to be one of the best places of my whole mission. But yeah this week was good a lot of good work as well. Yesterday we had a stake conference so all the members came to our little stake center here in Goa and there were so many that we (the missionaries) had to give up our seats to members and sit outside in the good old sweltering sun. But the funny thing this week is that on the night of transfer announcements the Zone leaders made a fake announcement and they said that my companion was being transferred but then they sent out the real ones.. luckily one of my friends told me it was fake but my companion thought it was real so he spent the whole night packing.Haha  The next day they spilled the beans that it was fake. So that was great when we saw the look on their faces... classic. But yeah I am going to have a lot of stuff to talk about when I come home from all of this crazy stuff  I have to deal with. It was cool we got a couple of dinner appointments for my last week.. yummmmm... later tonight i gotta finish my laundry and pack up.  I heard the KINGS won the Stanley CUP!!! and the Spurs beat Lebron so I thought that was pretty cool, and USA plays tomorrow in the World cup so I am missing some good games so everyone just keep me updated on the scores. And happy Fathers day to all the dads out there. You are the best. And thanks everyone for the emails again they are the best. Okay well I dont know what else to talk about but thanks everyone for supporting me and I'll talk to you all soon.

Elder Seth Llorens

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