Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 63

Week 63

Hello Friends and Family,

So this was an okay week. We started the week off strong got like 5 lessons on Tuesday and then we went to bed early Tuesday night so on Wednesday morning we got up at 4:15 or at least I did so we could meet other missionaries in Goa. Then we went to Naga to listen to a general authority. But we met in Goa to get on a jeepney that we rented to pick up all the elders from our area all the way to the end of our mission zone. So it was a good day I got to see all my former companions in Naga and found out that they are all doing well and having a good time in all of their areas. I was able to gain a whole lot of great knowledge from Elder Neilson of the 70. He's a really awesome guy I was lucky enough to shake hands with him. When they introduced themselves they said they loved Mexican food so afterwards I told them I can make some pretty good tacos now... We are going to meet up some day and I'll feed him some good old fashion Mexican food! So during part of the conference, for all the birthdays we took a picture together and we also got a free snickers bar for our " birthday present". estig!  I'm glad that I have good friends and family that sent me those nice boxes full of treats. So thanks again. The rest of the week got a little hard. A lot of people were busy and not at home. So we only got like 3 lessons a day but I guess what matters is us focusing on the people rather than numbers.To make the week even more interesting I came across another giant spider I drowned it in poison so the numbers are really adding up. And the good for the week is that we went back to one of our new investigators from last week and we taught her and we invited her sister in law that was there too and so she listened and actually participated a little so that was the high light of my week, that was on Saturday afternoon. But yeah I am just trying to just keep a positive attitude even though it was a rough week. But thank you to everyone for all the nice emails and hopefully this week coming up will be a good one. Love you all and see you next week.

Elder Llorens

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