Monday, May 26, 2014

WEEK 62 Ms.Piggy


Hello everyone for this week. This week was a good one with a lot of hard work and a lot of sweating still. We are still in the middle of the summer and it’s a rough one. Earlier this week we went on exchanges and I got teamed up with one of the other elders in my district Elder Manzanas. That was fun, but we just have been working hard. One of the members told me when we went to their house that in the morning around 4 o clock, a huge python came close to their house and started to eat their chicken.
AWwww! Elder Llorens and his companion are helping the sleeping piggy! 
  When they started to hear the ruckus the tatay came out and beheaded the python with his machete and for lunch they had a sort of a snake soup.  I had some fun playing with the water buffalos at one of our member’s house.

It’s been really hot but at times like yesterday there were random times where it rained for like 5 minutes only. But the awesome part for the week is we got a new investigator; it’s a part member family and mother really wants to learn more about our religion. Her husband is a member but is working in Manila. We had a really good lesson and we got a return appointment with her again this week. So I finally get to go to Naga for some meetings; we get to listen to one of the leaders of the church here in the Philippines and he is going to come and shake hands with us and give us a little work shop for our mission. So I am super excited to see the other missionaries and my friends on Wednesday for that. Also super exciting news my sister made the El Dorado Dance Team so that’s exciting! Big congratulations to her. I am looking forward to this week. We are going to have a set back for the conference I mentioned but just planning on killing time by working it to death! Thanks everyone for the emails they are awesome.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone as well.

Thanks again Elder Llorens

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