Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 61

Week 61

So this was a pretty interesting week. Basically its been just a huge party for all the people here in my area. They  have these huge fiestas here and they just get out of control. A bunch of drunk people and people being dumb basically. I thought it was funny when this dude started following me for like 25 yards wanting me to come drink with them. We saw some people with some gnarly cuts from bar fights. Overall not a great week for teaching. But it helped me see a different side of people and how they live. Some of the good is that most of the members aren't drinking and they invited us to eat with them. so a lot of free food this week! We also have a couple of the people that we are teaching, they are slowly progressing and getting ready for baptism, so hopefully in the middle of June they can get baptized. Later on tonight is the last day of the fiestas so hopefully this week will slow down and we can resume working hard. But good week just some  little distractions but some of the days were good. 
On Friday we had a zone training so I got to see some of my other friends in our zone.So that was a nice break from the outside world. I got to report about our district and our zone with our other district leader here, Elder Sorensen. So overall the GOA ZONE is doing great we took a not so progressing zone and made it really good, we still have some weaknesses but we are adjusting like everyone else. Some of the hardest things in the mission is not just the work but also being a leader in the mission. You have a lot of people to take care of and you are the example so if you mess up it doesn't look good. Some missionaries if they were in my position would just not really care but I know that this is the only time in my life to do this and the time is winding down so I am just trying to work hard and make the best of it. But I loved everyone's happy birthday cards and wishes they were awesome. Yesterday was fun we played with some of my recent converts kids and watched them while the parents are getting ready for the fiesta.  I got some funny pictures with them and I am going to have to send that next week.  But I hope everyone at home is doing well and are safe. My sister is getting ready to try out for El Dorado dance so everyone wish her some luck but I am pretty sure she doesn't need it, cuz shes a pro! But thanks for the emails as well I'll try and reply to all the emails next week.  Love you everyone and I hope you have a great week.

Ang elder ninyo,

Elder Seth Llorens

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