Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 59 - Parasites and things oh my!

Week 59

Well good afternoon America! This has been an okay week for me. As for missionary work, I have taught the most lesson ever so that was awesome!  The worst was me being sick with loose bowel movements or LBMs. ugh...Which simple means I had some killer moments in the restroom this whole week. I took some pills but now they think it could be a parasite so I'm just waiting till I get this pill to kill what ever is inside of me. But yeah like I said we had a lot of work this week. On Monday night we went and taught a lesson, while at the lesson I found out that President Obama was in the Philippines so I got to see him get off  Air force one and him talking to the President of the Philippines. So I had some people talk to me about it. 

This is a funny story: so we got done teaching a less active member, after the lesson she told me that there is a nanay ("member") who is really sick and she was wondering if we could go over and see how she is doing.  It was night time around 7. We go over and we say we are there  to visit. So they eventually let us in and when we go in and start talking, we find out she's not a member... But we asked if we could share a message with her and her family. They said yes and  we got 3 new investigators that night. The nanay is really sick she's diabetic and they can't afford to buy medication so she is super skinny and just lays on her side all day.It felt good to at least talk to her because I'm guessing she is just a little lonely. So that was a good moment. 

To add to my sickness my back is starting to kill me my bed frame broke like 4 months ago and I haven't gotten a new bed yet so my back is starting to go Quasimodo on me. But its all good. Well I'm a little sad we have 4 missionaries that are transferring out of my district and I am going to miss them. Tomorrow we are getting 4 new ones to replace them. Another horrible thing that happened is I lost all my pictures on my camera  and I am still a little confused what happened. SO just another day in the Philippines. But to make me happier I get to Skype home on my birthday to my family for Mothers Day. Yay! So after this I will have about 7 months til I go home. We also found out that we are going to have an Area President  visit our mission for a mission tour. SO a lot of exciting things are happening new investigators and more baptismal invitations... I am getting skinner because of the LBMs.... I'm pretty sure its because I drank unclean water. 

But i just want to say thank you to all of those who have sent me an email you are the best and sorry if I cant get to them all. But I just want you to know that they help me get through the days.  I am enjoying my time here and I hope everything is good back at home.

Dios mabalos sa indo gabos -bicol
Elder Llorens

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