Friday, May 16, 2014

Week 60

Week 60

Mothers Day/Birthday Skype

So this is just going to be a  small email home. So today was awesome I had a good time talking to my family through Skype. everyone is doing great that was a blast so that was a good birthday present for me. Seeing my family keeps me going!

But this week was a hard week, most of our investigators that we got the previous week aren't interested anymore. But that didn't stop us we got 22 lessons this week so that was a good accomplishment for us. But we have been working hard we have 3 solid progressing investigators right now 2 of them came to church and the other one didn't because his wife just had her first baby so that was awesome we got to see their new baby boy. But that has been it for most of this week so I go my birthday presents from home from everyone. But my favorite present had to be from my friends Adriana and Brian they sent me, wait for it…A  Victoria Secret box full of chocolate and candy so that made me happy. But Yes I enjoyed all my presents from everyone and thank you for the Happy birthday wishes as well, they are awesome. But thats all I really have to say this week I am healthy again..... and I am just trying to focus on finishing strong  so I don't get to side tracked.

Thank you again to everyone you are great !

Elder Llorens

P.S. Happy Birthday Jake!!

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