Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 58 - Treasures or small pleasures in life!

Week 58

Sharing a Tricy with the kids..

Cone Volcano Legaspi Mission

So this was a great week for work. On Tuesday we went to Naga really early and I got myself some McDonald's breakfast. I cried a little when they tried to give me rice but I told them no thank you just give me the biscuit. So that was delightful. Naga was good we were able to learn more about the Gospel from our Mission President. The only thing that sucked is that I have heard it before, because I had already been through this training. But I was able to see some friends and I got my package from my Nana and it was full of treasures...Jiff Peanut butter and beef Jerkey anddddd Rice Crispy Treats. I couldn't hold back the tears as well. So I got motion sick on the way back got home, yay! we were on a jeepney and a bus so it took while and I totally forgot the next day we had exchanges and because I  totally forgot  we hurried up and cleaned the apartment the best as we could and I went on exchanges with Elder McBride from Arizona. We forgot our mga payong"umbrellas" so we got wet…drenched  actually but it was fun. All of our appointments basically got canceled so we just started going to houses asking if we can share a message finally we got a house and they were wealthy we were allowed  in and gave a whole lesson in English... It was the first time I have ever done that in my whole mission. Really sweet experience. Then the next day we were locked out of our church building So we had to have district meeting in a park right across from the catholic church we got a couple of funny looks. But I got to say hi to a bride who was getting ready to get married. The next couple of days we were able to teach a lot of new people, mostly people who are related to members of our church. I had some really interesting conversations but I wont go into detail. But there were others that said they wanted us to come back and teach them. We were also able to give a baptismal invitation to one of our investigators and he said yes soo we need to follow up on that. This morning we went to the beach and had a great time. I got to hang out at a really small resort and play games, spend time in a tree house with a snake... I dont think it was poisonous? And I was able to see the perfect Cone volcano in the Legaspi mission across the sea. So it was a beautiful day until there was a brown out and I couldn't e-mail my family for a long time.. its okay. As for other cool things this week I got to eat at some fiestas(celebration of a small town) And I got to interview some people for baptism. So overall a positive week. I am happy and hopeful this week coming up will be good also. Thank you all for your love and I hope you have a good week. Sorry I couldn't email back I am kind of swarmed with stuff right now... Keeping busy.Love you all

ELder Llorens

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