Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 57 - Mellow Week

Week 57

Having a little fun

Hello. This was a mellow week for us this week. On Tuesday we had this storm that started on Monday night and went until Tuesday morning. So on Tuesday morning we had a brown out until 10 at night so that was a bummer. not much work that day because everyone disappeared for some reason. So the next day I gave 5 baptismal interviews and I also went on exchanges with Elder Kaumaitotoya from Fiji. That was fun and we saw this huge procession for the Catholic Church that day and we also made some nice Fiji curry chicken my favorite.  The next day we went to this less active who is a barber and we got haircuts and talked to him. After we had a district meeting where I was teaching . Later that day we went out to one of our investigators and we taught a really good lesson to her so hopefully next month she can be baptized. But this week was normal and busy and hot. We got to see a lot of our less actives this week and we had a great turn out with less actives coming to church.  Funny story, on Friday we went to a less actives house and at the same time a huge procession walked by and when we finished visiting,  it was still going just a ton of people and floats, so we had no choice but walk with them, my companion was totally embarrassed but I was like I don't wont to wait any longer and wanted to go home so we walked with them for a couple of steps and took a short cut to our house. It might have looked a little shady but its all good! ALways need to be able to adapt!  We went back and sat in our front yard to watch the different floats about Jesus Christ... no pictures they got lost..... my favorite one though was this one float with Jesus Christ on it and it had a chicken on the float with him. So Easter Sunday was really Mellow I was a little disappointed no Easter egg hunt but thats okay, Church was good we were pretty happy that this one young man came to church that we taught earlier in the week so that made me feel good to see him there. But most of our lessons this week have been about Christ so its been a really great experience for me. Over all an okay week. Tomorrow and this week is going to be hectic as well, were going to Naga city early in the morning so I am going to have motion sickness tomorrow for sure....ehhh. but thanks to all those that shot me an email this week your all awesome and I hope you have a great week.... Pretty excited BYU.

Okay love you all and I'll see you soon!!!

Elder Seth

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