Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 54

Week 54

Looks like a dirt road, but it's rice

Rice fields

So this was a great week everyone. First off I got to finally say goodbye to my companion Elder Teitawana and roommate Elder Losaki they were  transferred. Then on Tuesday I was assigned a temporary companion because I am going to train. SoI was companions with Elder Magleby. It was good he's from Utah and we had fun we were both senior companions so we knew how it worked, and the highlight of the day was when we were cooking lunch we made Cincinnati chili and it was the best... getting a little hungry thinking about it. (Thanks Mom!) So on Wednesday we got up early in hopes of saying goodbye to the departing missionaries going home, I have a lot of friends that are leaving but they were already on the van going to the airport by the time we got there. We passed  them when I was on the bus  going to Naga. So I called them and said bye. Got to call my tatay in the mission, Elder Parohinog, I am going to miss that guy so bad he's my favorite Filipino friend probably in the whole world. Salamat To!!!  So with that being said since we were in Naga we got 7/11 ice cream and we got waffles in the mall, while we waited to report at the mission home. SO we finally waited and met the other missionaries there and we swapped recipes hahaha, they wanted to know how to make tortillas hahaha. Then we got our companions. So my new companion and son is Elder Cortes. He from Quezon city, Manila. He's a cool dude and I can tell were going to have fun. 

Elder Cortes, my new son

So while on the way back to our area I started to get motion sick to the max. So as soon as we got home we unpacked and I hit the rack. Next day we started to do planning and went out in the afternoon and started to teach. So that was fun Elder Cortes is still adjusting to missionary life I'm just helping him have fun. So yeah funny thing I started to get a little sick again in the stomach so you can all laugh at this one. So I am just on the bus going to one of our areas and bam it hits me I gotta go use the CR"restroom". so we get off and we were close to a members home so I basically flat out told them  I had to use the CR no polite asking Whew! haha. A little awkward basically once in a while I get a stomach virus because of the food or water. Another accomplishment in cooking is  I made Bicol express, this time a little too much coconut milk haha "sabaw" but yeah it turned out good. but yeah on the cool note for this week we got 2 new investigators this week and hopefully this week on Saturday we will have a Baptism!!!!!!! Its still a 50/50 but I hope it goes through. But yeah I get to stay here for another 3 more months because I am going to train Elder Cortes. I just wanted to say thank you too everyone who helps me and my family out. Thumbs up to you guys! And by the way I  have seen the biggest rat in my life yesterday. guess its hunting time!  Thats it  for this week ,thanks everyone  and keep smiling.

Elder Llorens 

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