Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 53 - Everything is awesome!

Week 53

This is the family that is teaching me how to cook, and feeds us often

So this week was pretty awesome week.  We really got to work. We had a lot of lessons this week and because of it we were able to get some people to come to church so we were really excited about that. The highlight of the week was having this little party that we the missionaries set up at the church. We invited everyone, a lot of members came and some of our investigators that we are teaching also came. We had a little spiritual message and at the end we played some games it really fun. On a side note, they make this noodle here called pancit bato and while writing this I had to run to the bathroom to do some business so i dont know if they put a worm in it but its literally been killing me for the past 2 days. Hmmm? TMI? Anyways back to my awesome week. So on Tuesday  we found a less active while an investigator blew us off which turned out great because the less active came to our party and she also came to church woo hoo! and we got a investigator who asked if she could be baptized and become a member sooo "wow okay,,,yes!" haha. So we'll add that to one of the things to do for this April. We also taught the another investigators of ours and so far their baptisms are for April 5 so holy cow I'm super happy for all the things that happened this week. This week our lessons taught was our highest. in the district. We were able to teach one lady who hasn't been to church in a while a great lesson,  we focused on families and after that we saw her at the party on Saturday. Progress!

After our party outside the church building

So guess what I killed another giant spider yucks..... i just drowned it in poison... now this might freak you guys out we got attacked this week by mice. Eww!  We had to bring out the big guns, so  we got a pretty heavy piece of metal and then me and Elder Losaki brained them..... thats kind of graphic but yeah, thats our living conditions, sorry. But funny thing  I found out Elder Teiatwanas fear, hahaha I never heard a grown man scream that loud.. I have no room to talk about that thought.... the big spiders suck. 


We have had a lot of dinner and food appointments this week and my stomach has been killing me because of it, but its okay because  its  been super fun.  This week I made some pretty delicious pork steak.... the secret is coconut milk. We also had a birthday party for a member, we bought her some candy for her birthday and that was great because we found out it was the only thing she got. So that made us feel pretty good that we remembered. ahh this was what I wanted to say.... so I am not transferred but I am going to train a new missionary again... woah what the heck I'm a tatay ulit. So yeah I'll tell you how that goes this week. Mamaya (tomorrow) we have another food appointment. Some thing else  that happened this week is  that we found a cat nest in Elder Teitawanas closet... but  the good thing is the mom found a better place for them so we didn't have to move them..... and yes this morning the fire alarm went off I thought it was the fire department telling us that there is flooding but nope I must have been half awake for that one. But yeah that's about it for this week. Shout out time I just want to say happy birthday to Adriana. She says shes wiser now so find her and ask her really hard questions for me. Well thats it for this update I hope everyone has a great week. I love you and I'll update next week. 

Elder Llorens uragon

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