Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 52

Week 52

So this week has been one of the best weeks for me in the mission. I got
to go on exchanges with my good friend and aki ko Elder Relf on
Tuesday and I got to cook Bicol express for us on Tuesday night..look

it up. It is a stew made from long chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, and garlic.) 

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges again with Elder Villamore he's one of my Filipino friends in my batch that came to the mission with me and that was a blast got to hang out and actually have a Filipino companion! My last Filipino companion was Elder Parohinog and that was last year this time. Crazy to think that next week he gets to go home and he's finished with his mission. I am going to really miss that guy and all that he taught me. On Thursday I gave a workshop for our district meeting. Then on Friday we did some planning for our
upcoming week and we were just out teaching some people and right before we were about to teach some people a really old small grandma came up to me trying to basically argue with me and stuff... quite funny but a little sad. As soon as I was going to explain our selves and what we were doing she just walked away with her little posse'. Basically at the time we were teaching some of her former members in her congregation and she got a little mad and came after us for it. She just wanted us to leave and never come back. She ended up embarrassing a lot of people because she did that and I had some people come up to me and apologize. I just said sorry you have to deal with that, and that made the situation better. But later that night went we went to a members house and learned how to make pork steak wooo! I can't wait to cook for people when I come home its going to be great.hahaha. Then we had  a little Baguio (storm) that night and it was horrible is walking home in it, but saw lots of frogs. Saturday morning we found a less active and taught them and I got a haircut afterwards. Then we went out going to a far area walking and while
we were walking a dude said he wanted to talk so we were like okie dokie we'll talk.....found out we was drunker than a sailor and we said we  will come back later but he kept telling us he loved us and stuff… a little too much love for me! So we will  head back at a later time and hopefully catch him when he's sober the thing is we talked to him at like 2 in the afternoon…. but we will keep our fingers crossed. Its been raining on and off.  Sunday we just taught the usual people but then went out to a far area and we took a tricy. We were able to teach one less active and then right before we were about to leave we were talking to a man on a bike who before was taught by the Elders but the Elders forgot to go back. He had a few questions about the church and so we were gald to answer them and he is more interested to listen and so we will be going to teach him hopefully Wednesday morning. So because we spent an hour talking and answering his questions no more tricys..night time. So for our walk back home I had to buy a phone load because we were out so we bought some load and talked to the lady's who we bought it from and they were quite impressed with us and how nice we were. and they said they would like to feed us sometime. So there's your lesson for being nice. Than a drunk dude came up to us with another drunk dude and told us that his family is members in Utah and said he loved us as well. So love is good! But the lesson to be learned, always be a good example because there is always someone watching. Okay so that's my peace for the week.. I'm  thankful for everyone that does amazing things for my family and for me. Shout out to  Pj who just came home from his mission and also Josh Chang you guys are cool! hahaha sigeiyen lang para sa ngayon. sana ang darating linggo ngayon ay astig. salamat sa indo ulit. ingat!

Elder Llorens

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